Monday, February 14, 2011

1 Month Old

My good friend got T these cute as pie adhesives that you can use monthly throughout their first year for their pictures.  How neat is that?!?  He's a little slumped but it was the best I could do for 1 month and still see his tummy. :)

At 1 month:
Weight:  11 lb 2.4 oz, 83rd percentile
Height:  23 in, 92nd percentile

We've never had a baby this big!!

He is attempting to hold his head up but not for long periods of time.  We admittantly haven't done much tummy time, so he may or may not enjoy it.  He is a fussy baby but is starting to have days when he is a little happier.  His fussiest times are at night.  We're experimenting with removing diary from my diet but no real conclusion on whether it's helping yet. 

He is eating regularly every 2 hours.  At night he'll often go every 3 hours twice and give mommy a tad more sleep.  He is exclusively breastfeeding and doing very well (obviously!).  I am enjoying it, even though it is much more work on me since Michael can't help out nearly as much.  It is sooo worth it to me though!!

He hasn't taken many bottles due to the fact that he's eating so frequently.  It's hard to fit pumping into that schedule and honestly, just not worth it right now. 

He was on zantac to see if that would help with the pain he seems to be having around eating (along with other symptoms) but although it did seem to help, it made him terribly constipated.  It wasn't worth that to me, so he's now off the zantac and pooping normally.

We finally bought him a swing and he loves it!! 

For a one month old, that's about all he's interested in right now.  Can't wait to see what Month 2 brings!!


Crank said...

I LOVE that! I wish I'd known about those about 8 months ago!

Summer Martin said...

LOVE Love the shirt!! Turned out soo cute:) I miss that sweet boy. Have to make time to come by and hold him one night this week. And I'm sure I will get some good holding time during the consignment sale.