Monday, February 14, 2011

1 Month Old

My good friend got T these cute as pie adhesives that you can use monthly throughout their first year for their pictures.  How neat is that?!?  He's a little slumped but it was the best I could do for 1 month and still see his tummy. :)

At 1 month:
Weight:  11 lb 2.4 oz, 83rd percentile
Height:  23 in, 92nd percentile

We've never had a baby this big!!

He is attempting to hold his head up but not for long periods of time.  We admittantly haven't done much tummy time, so he may or may not enjoy it.  He is a fussy baby but is starting to have days when he is a little happier.  His fussiest times are at night.  We're experimenting with removing diary from my diet but no real conclusion on whether it's helping yet. 

He is eating regularly every 2 hours.  At night he'll often go every 3 hours twice and give mommy a tad more sleep.  He is exclusively breastfeeding and doing very well (obviously!).  I am enjoying it, even though it is much more work on me since Michael can't help out nearly as much.  It is sooo worth it to me though!!

He hasn't taken many bottles due to the fact that he's eating so frequently.  It's hard to fit pumping into that schedule and honestly, just not worth it right now. 

He was on zantac to see if that would help with the pain he seems to be having around eating (along with other symptoms) but although it did seem to help, it made him terribly constipated.  It wasn't worth that to me, so he's now off the zantac and pooping normally.

We finally bought him a swing and he loves it!! 

For a one month old, that's about all he's interested in right now.  Can't wait to see what Month 2 brings!!

Lost Another One

To the box fan...

What is the draw of this thing anyway??  I never heard of anyone sleeping with a box fan running until my best friend and college roommate married a box fan lover....or maybe she was the box fan lover...can't recall.  When they carried it on vacation with them, I officially wrote them off as crazies. :) 

The last time we went out of town, the box fan was the first thing in the van.

Michael and I had our first big marital fights over sleeping conditions.  I was used to falling asleep with the tv on and set on a timer, while he preferred running a box fan all night and falling asleep in complete darkness. 

Guess who won that battle.... NOW we know who is the stubborn one!! :)

Back to present day, I now have a husband and 3 children who don't sleep worth a flip without that darn fan!!!  :) :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

4 Weeks Old

Oh my, does time fly.
My sweet little T is 4 weeks old.
Between 3 and 4 weeks he weighed 10 pounds 6 ounces!!  He gained exactly 2 pounds in exactly 2 weeks.  He is turning into quite the hoss.  :) 

He has been regularly eating every 3 hours - every now and then at night he'll bless me with a 4 hour stretch - but in the last 2 days, he has insisted upon dining every 2 hours.  That ain't cool. :)  Hoping it's a short growth spurt!

He is becoming a little fussy (ask Michael and he'll tell you the truth but momma must sugar coat it a little) and I'm thinking he may have reflux like his big brother.  He is definitely very gassy and something is going on.  Hoping the doctor can help us out with that tomorrow.

Otherwise, big brother and sister still love him to pieces.  Jake still loves to hold him, especially while he watches tv. He is very willing to help out with him anytime Tanner is unhappy. 

Ella Kate is turning into quite the little mother.  She is the sweetest little soul and has the patience of a saint already.  She likes to dance for him and he usually watches captivated.  If he is crying, she gets right beside him and talks and sings until he is quiet.  We have caught her several times lately playing house and "feeding" her baby dolls.  I love that she thinks nothing of breastfeeding and it is a natural part of having a baby to her. 

Overall, it's been a pretty easy transition adding a third to the house.  I think since Jake and EK are able to do most everything for themselves, it has made a huge difference.  They don't require near the amount of time they once did and nowhere near the time Tanner needs.  The hardest part has been carving out time for each of them so they don't feel left out.  I still have a long way to go on that but for the most part, everyone is adjusting quite well!