Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tanner Reece Waddell

Seeing as to how we had no clue we needed a boy name, it took us a couple of days to name baby Tanner. 

We decided long ago - probably the week I knew I was pregnant - that we wanted to name the baby Reece, regardless of the sex.  We knew we would call a girl Reece, but probably not a boy. 

Reece had been my sister's "baby name" for years and years.  After hearing it, I loved it too but she claimed it first - isn't that how it goes.... :)  When we announced that we were pregnant, I was sooo hoping she would let us use her name!!  She did very quickly offer for us to name the baby Reece and I especially was thrilled!

Reece is my dad's middle name as well as my Granny's maiden name.  I think the Reeces are where Papa & Granny's family get their spunk.  If you knew my Granny you would agree. :) 

After we told Michael's mom about our name choice, she told us that Reese was her mom's maiden name!  The only difference was that her family spelled it with an "s".  That made us love the name more, because it was a family name from both sides.

We never did decide on a second girl name for Baby Reece although Ella Kate did.  She so wanted to name her Lily Reece.  She told everyone at church that was her name. :)  It was on our short list so we did like it and probably would have ended up naming her that.  We didn't find out until after the name had grown on us that she got it from Hannah Montana. :)

When Baby T was born, we had to completely do a 180 and start going over boy names.  That is a hard thing to do while in the hospital and in shock!  Poor Tanner was called Jake a lot and called Luke even more....Luke is our dog!! I'm not sure why but separately Michael and I both kept calling him that. :) 

Before I was pregnant (last Spring Break to be exact) I heard a name I loved and told Michael if I had a boy I'd like to name him Tanner.  Not sure where I heard it - probably on the internet somewhere - but I always remembered it.  There were several more I liked but Tanner was immediately Michael's favorite. 

We tried it out and officially named him Tanner Reece the morning we left the hospital.

It took us a while to adjust to calling him Tanner....   For a good week or more after he was born, Jake insisted on calling him Reece and not once referred to him as "he".  When asked what his name was, Ella Kate would just shrug and say "I don't know!"  She called him Xander for a while. :)

Michael and I even called him a "she" for days.  It's so hard to transition in your mind from the "she" you've been referring to for months to the "he" that is staring into your eyes! 

Eventually we all started getting it right and are now pretty used to baby Tanner and the sweet BOY that he is!!

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