Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14 2011

Wow....where to start....

At my 39 week doctor visit, I left with an induction date of 1/14/11, assuming I didn't go into labor before then.  I had to go back for a check a few days before that just to make sure I was ready to deliver.  This was before the snowstorm hit!  The day of my check the office was closed so I missed my appt, and had to reschedule for a couple of days later.  I was very nervous that I wouldn't get to keep my "date".  Fortunately, they weren't too busy so I was penciled in for Friday.

The night before the 14th, it was still pretty icy and we had to be at the hospital at 6am so we sent the kids to spend the night with Nana.  That way she wouldn't have to drive over so early on the icy roads and the kids could sleep as long as they wanted.  We were lucky that school was cancelled so they didn't have to miss a day so they could be at the hospital. 

We got to the hospital at 6am but it was 8am before we saw a single person.  At 8 the nurse came in to start all the monitors and by 8:30 we were being induced!!  I was still only 1cm Friday morning but things progressed really quickly and by 1:30 I was ready to push.  Not much pushing involved and at 1:43pm, our doctor's jaw dropped. :)

As the doctor pulled the baby out, she started apologizing "I'm so sorry!! I've been calling him a "she" the whole time!"  Our nurse gave her the strangest look and said "It's supposed to be a she...."  At that point the doctor proudly announces "Well...IT'S A BOY...and a BIG boy!"

At that point, I could not have cared less if I had birthed a baby pig!  I couldn't get past the BIG part. :)  I remember them repeatedly telling me that it was indeed a boy...over and over....  I finally told them "I don't care!!" :)  I do remember Michael walking over to the bed they laid him in and just staring at him for the longest time.  He was smiling the funniest smile.  He told them to make sure there wasn't a girl still in there.  :) Tanner didn't really cry other than the obligatory "I'm okay so don't whack my back again cry". 

I remember bits and pieces of the conversation between the nursery nurse, surgical tech, doctor, and our nurse (funny how I remember each one's job and their face).  They just couldn't get over it.  They kept repeating "This just DOESN'T happen anymore!"  It was pretty funny just watching them be so entertained by it.  The implications of what they were saying definitely had not hit me yet!

The nurses were so excited to see us tell our families that they wouldn't let Michael go get them.  They told him he would give away the secret and that mama needed to be there for the surprise! Very thoughtful! :)

So off they go to collect the kids first (and Stacy who was going to take pics for us).  We got some priceless video of us telling each person that "she" was in fact a "he".  Ella Kate was by far the biggest reaction - she looked so sad - but she was whispering to me "But Mom...we only have girl clothes!!"  It took her a little bit to get over the shock (and she wanted him to be all clean) before she would have anything to do with him.  She came back later that night and held him very proudly!  Jake took to him immediately which was precious. 

If you know Michael, you know that he is forever "joking" with you and telling "stories".  Well....not a single person that he called to tell believed him!  Every one of them had to hear it from someone else before they believed we had truly had a baby boy!  Sometimes they had to speak to several people!  It was truly unbelievable! :)

So that is how we found out that our Baby Reece was in fact Baby Tanner all along....

Quite the shock to mom and dad and quite the birthday surprise for mom. :)

Oh, and it seems that we have 2 winners to the guessing game...Jake and Holly picked the 14th (and Holly was in the right range for the weight!) but Mr Brad guessed the SEX!  :)

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