Monday, January 24, 2011

First Outing

We are trying hard to hang around the house these days.  For the most part, I'm paranoid about Baby T catching the flu.  It seems 75% of the households we know have someone in them with the flu.  I've always been one to get out pretty quickly with my newborn but I've never had one in the middle of the winter and flu season.  That changes it all!

Ella Kate came home sick from school on Friday and I was a little panicky.  She looked plumb pitiful with big red/brown circles around her eyes.  She said her legs hurt bad and she had a fever.  :(  Michael went ahead and took her to the doctor that afternoon (a first for daddy) and the doctor took her very seriously knowing that we had a 7 day old at home!  He told Michael before they even got the results that if she had the flu, she or Tanner would have to leave the house!  In my mind I was already trying unsuccessfully to figure out the logistics of that....  Thank goodness she did not have the flu (unlike several others in her class that went home that same day), but instead a nasty sinus infection that kicked her little hiney!

We counted our blessings and invested in a oversized bottle of hand sanitizer. :)

Anyway, I'm not the type to sit at home much so by 10 days old, I was itching to go somewhere...anywhere!  While the kids were in school, we wrapped up Baby T and covered his seat with a blanket and headed to Five Guys for lunch and Walmart for some returns.  He didn't wake up the entire time and it was sooo nice to get out!

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