Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 Days Old

These kiddos sure do love their new baby brother!  I don't think I could have asked for a better response to a bigger surprise. :)  Jake has just amazed us with how much he wants to love on Tanner and will just sit and hold him every chance he gets!  We are starting to have to keep a better eye on him, though, because he's getting braver each time.  Who knows what he'll be trying with Baby T!

Ella Kate loves holding him as well but her attention span is a little shorter.  She hugs and kisses on him, holds him briefly, and then she's outta there! :)  I think when he's a little bigger and can "play" she'll enjoy him a little more. 

Baby T isn't hurting for love from his daddy either!! :) 

Baby T had some visitors today....my cousin Melaine came over from Rock Hill and brought Tanner's Great-Grandma (my grandmother) to visit.  This is Grandma Baker's 6th great-grandchild with one more on the way this year! 

My Papa Baker passed away before Jake turned a year old and Jake was the only great-grandchild he was able to meet.  Look how much Baby T looks like Jake in this picture with Papa Baker!   (Sorry for the bad pic...it stuck to the glass in the frame)

Today Tanner also visited Doctor Miles for the first time.  He had to go in for a weight check and so they could keep an eye on the jaundice he had when he left the hospital.  He weighed 8 lb 6 oz - the same as he did when he left the hospital - so that was great!  Dr Miles thought his skin tone looked fine, with just a touch of jaundice still so no jaundice light for us!  Yay! 

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