Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 Days Old

Yay!! Tanner and I got to come home from the hospital today!  With Jake and Ella Kate I took little things like that for granted, but in the 5 short years since I brought my baby girl home, I've seen many friends not able to go home with their babies, not able to take their precious babies home right away, or worst of all, not able to take them home at all.  Life really makes you appreciate those little moments more and more.

This morning we got the go-ahead to be discharged pretty quickly from my doctor and then from the pediatrician a little later.  Funny thing...the nurse took Tanner to the nursery this morning to be put under the heat light.  Apparently my room was a little chilly for him and his body temp was down a little.  Who knew?!?  He seemed content to me!  :) 

After they warmed him up to their liking, he was free to leave! 

The kids had been to church with friends so they came home to find their new brother waiting on them. 

We had a few more visitors on his first day home....

Bobby holds Tanner for the first time :)

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