Tuesday, January 25, 2011

11 Days PostPartum

...and my ankles have finally decided to make a reappearance. :)   Apparently they were a little more swollen than I thought.  I'd forgotten there are actually bones in the ankle and that when unswollen, there is actually space between them when standing feet together!! Yikes! :)

On a more discouraging note, I have 381 unopened texts and emails on my Blackberry. Granted, 90% of them are probably junk emails, I still don't think I'll get around to opening all of them anytime soon.  It kills Michael.  He's a "deleter as soon as he receives them" kind of guy.  I figure I may need them one day.  Good luck finding the one I needed in that mess!

Tanner is doing great.  He sleeps at night between feedings, hangs out during the day (mostly sleeping) and really doesn't cry very much.  I know all of that could change quickly as he grows but we'll take it for now!  He is a great nurser.  Neither Jake nor Ella Kate nursed well at all making their time short-lived.  Hopefully I can last a little longer with this little guy!


Summer said...

Can't wait to come see baby T again:) Loved all the pictures!! As I write this, Addie is singing " I love Tanner" over and over again!

Autumn said...

He is a DOLL Rhonda! Glad you are both doing well!