Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Brother Love

Our new after school hobby.... :)

This Little Booger

Sure is giving me grief!!  I don't remember my other 2 kids' belly buttons smelling sooooo BAD!!!

I guess it is because it has hung on a little longer but it has the worst stink!!

I called the doctor and he said a smell was okay, to keep up the alcohol and I could use Neosporin if I wanted. 

Friends confirmed that some of their kids' did the same thing and they visited the doctor who recommended LOTS of alcohol.  That seemed to help the smell today and actually loosened up its grip some.

Hopefully he won't hang around much longer! 

Tanner Reece Waddell

Seeing as to how we had no clue we needed a boy name, it took us a couple of days to name baby Tanner. 

We decided long ago - probably the week I knew I was pregnant - that we wanted to name the baby Reece, regardless of the sex.  We knew we would call a girl Reece, but probably not a boy. 

Reece had been my sister's "baby name" for years and years.  After hearing it, I loved it too but she claimed it first - isn't that how it goes.... :)  When we announced that we were pregnant, I was sooo hoping she would let us use her name!!  She did very quickly offer for us to name the baby Reece and I especially was thrilled!

Reece is my dad's middle name as well as my Granny's maiden name.  I think the Reeces are where Papa & Granny's family get their spunk.  If you knew my Granny you would agree. :) 

After we told Michael's mom about our name choice, she told us that Reese was her mom's maiden name!  The only difference was that her family spelled it with an "s".  That made us love the name more, because it was a family name from both sides.

We never did decide on a second girl name for Baby Reece although Ella Kate did.  She so wanted to name her Lily Reece.  She told everyone at church that was her name. :)  It was on our short list so we did like it and probably would have ended up naming her that.  We didn't find out until after the name had grown on us that she got it from Hannah Montana. :)

When Baby T was born, we had to completely do a 180 and start going over boy names.  That is a hard thing to do while in the hospital and in shock!  Poor Tanner was called Jake a lot and called Luke even more....Luke is our dog!! I'm not sure why but separately Michael and I both kept calling him that. :) 

Before I was pregnant (last Spring Break to be exact) I heard a name I loved and told Michael if I had a boy I'd like to name him Tanner.  Not sure where I heard it - probably on the internet somewhere - but I always remembered it.  There were several more I liked but Tanner was immediately Michael's favorite. 

We tried it out and officially named him Tanner Reece the morning we left the hospital.

It took us a while to adjust to calling him Tanner....   For a good week or more after he was born, Jake insisted on calling him Reece and not once referred to him as "he".  When asked what his name was, Ella Kate would just shrug and say "I don't know!"  She called him Xander for a while. :)

Michael and I even called him a "she" for days.  It's so hard to transition in your mind from the "she" you've been referring to for months to the "he" that is staring into your eyes! 

Eventually we all started getting it right and are now pretty used to baby Tanner and the sweet BOY that he is!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

11 Days PostPartum

...and my ankles have finally decided to make a reappearance. :)   Apparently they were a little more swollen than I thought.  I'd forgotten there are actually bones in the ankle and that when unswollen, there is actually space between them when standing feet together!! Yikes! :)

On a more discouraging note, I have 381 unopened texts and emails on my Blackberry. Granted, 90% of them are probably junk emails, I still don't think I'll get around to opening all of them anytime soon.  It kills Michael.  He's a "deleter as soon as he receives them" kind of guy.  I figure I may need them one day.  Good luck finding the one I needed in that mess!

Tanner is doing great.  He sleeps at night between feedings, hangs out during the day (mostly sleeping) and really doesn't cry very much.  I know all of that could change quickly as he grows but we'll take it for now!  He is a great nurser.  Neither Jake nor Ella Kate nursed well at all making their time short-lived.  Hopefully I can last a little longer with this little guy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

First Outing

We are trying hard to hang around the house these days.  For the most part, I'm paranoid about Baby T catching the flu.  It seems 75% of the households we know have someone in them with the flu.  I've always been one to get out pretty quickly with my newborn but I've never had one in the middle of the winter and flu season.  That changes it all!

Ella Kate came home sick from school on Friday and I was a little panicky.  She looked plumb pitiful with big red/brown circles around her eyes.  She said her legs hurt bad and she had a fever.  :(  Michael went ahead and took her to the doctor that afternoon (a first for daddy) and the doctor took her very seriously knowing that we had a 7 day old at home!  He told Michael before they even got the results that if she had the flu, she or Tanner would have to leave the house!  In my mind I was already trying unsuccessfully to figure out the logistics of that....  Thank goodness she did not have the flu (unlike several others in her class that went home that same day), but instead a nasty sinus infection that kicked her little hiney!

We counted our blessings and invested in a oversized bottle of hand sanitizer. :)

Anyway, I'm not the type to sit at home much so by 10 days old, I was itching to go somewhere...anywhere!  While the kids were in school, we wrapped up Baby T and covered his seat with a blanket and headed to Five Guys for lunch and Walmart for some returns.  He didn't wake up the entire time and it was sooo nice to get out!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 Days Old

These kiddos sure do love their new baby brother!  I don't think I could have asked for a better response to a bigger surprise. :)  Jake has just amazed us with how much he wants to love on Tanner and will just sit and hold him every chance he gets!  We are starting to have to keep a better eye on him, though, because he's getting braver each time.  Who knows what he'll be trying with Baby T!

Ella Kate loves holding him as well but her attention span is a little shorter.  She hugs and kisses on him, holds him briefly, and then she's outta there! :)  I think when he's a little bigger and can "play" she'll enjoy him a little more. 

Baby T isn't hurting for love from his daddy either!! :) 

Baby T had some visitors cousin Melaine came over from Rock Hill and brought Tanner's Great-Grandma (my grandmother) to visit.  This is Grandma Baker's 6th great-grandchild with one more on the way this year! 

My Papa Baker passed away before Jake turned a year old and Jake was the only great-grandchild he was able to meet.  Look how much Baby T looks like Jake in this picture with Papa Baker!   (Sorry for the bad stuck to the glass in the frame)

Today Tanner also visited Doctor Miles for the first time.  He had to go in for a weight check and so they could keep an eye on the jaundice he had when he left the hospital.  He weighed 8 lb 6 oz - the same as he did when he left the hospital - so that was great!  Dr Miles thought his skin tone looked fine, with just a touch of jaundice still so no jaundice light for us!  Yay! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

3 Days Old

Today we had pictures made!! YAY!! They turned out sooo good thanks to my sweet, sweet friend Stacy and her trusty assistants. :)  These girls have blessed me so much in the past few days that it's unreal...but that's a different post. :)

After pictures we had more visitors! 

Bobby came and held Tanner for a while before he headed back to school.  Thank goodness I was able to have Tanner while he was home on Winter Break - that worked out very well!

Granny and Papa Neal finally were able to meet Baby T!  Tanner was born on Papa Neal's 80th Birthday!!  And one of the people he is named after is my Granny Neal whose maiden name is Reece. 

Papa & Granny had TWO Great-Grandchildren born in the same week!  Joshua Larry Yon was born on January 12th (right in the middle of the snowstorm!) to my cousin Marcie, and her husband Jason.  Originally Marcie and I had the same due date (1/11/11) but they changed mine to the 14th later on.  We joked about being in the hospital at the same time and as it turned out, Marcie was able to bring Joshua by to meet me while I was in labor!  He was my encouragement! :) 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 Days Old

Yay!! Tanner and I got to come home from the hospital today!  With Jake and Ella Kate I took little things like that for granted, but in the 5 short years since I brought my baby girl home, I've seen many friends not able to go home with their babies, not able to take their precious babies home right away, or worst of all, not able to take them home at all.  Life really makes you appreciate those little moments more and more.

This morning we got the go-ahead to be discharged pretty quickly from my doctor and then from the pediatrician a little later.  Funny thing...the nurse took Tanner to the nursery this morning to be put under the heat light.  Apparently my room was a little chilly for him and his body temp was down a little.  Who knew?!?  He seemed content to me!  :) 

After they warmed him up to their liking, he was free to leave! 

The kids had been to church with friends so they came home to find their new brother waiting on them. 

We had a few more visitors on his first day home....

Bobby holds Tanner for the first time :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1 Day Old

We were so blessed to have lots of visitors in the hospital. 

We were also very blessed by all the people who brought BOY CLOTHES to the hospital.  We had friends who called and brought by hand-me-downs (can't beat em!) as soon as they heard the news and friends who went out shopping right when they heard the news so that Baby Boy wouldn't be destined to wearing pink and purple his first few days of life! 

It was just amazing to see the things we ended up taking home from the hospital and how those who love us took such good care of us in those few days.  We are truly grateful for each one of you!!

Baby T went home with a better wardrobe than Baby Reece even had! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14 2011

Wow....where to start....

At my 39 week doctor visit, I left with an induction date of 1/14/11, assuming I didn't go into labor before then.  I had to go back for a check a few days before that just to make sure I was ready to deliver.  This was before the snowstorm hit!  The day of my check the office was closed so I missed my appt, and had to reschedule for a couple of days later.  I was very nervous that I wouldn't get to keep my "date".  Fortunately, they weren't too busy so I was penciled in for Friday.

The night before the 14th, it was still pretty icy and we had to be at the hospital at 6am so we sent the kids to spend the night with Nana.  That way she wouldn't have to drive over so early on the icy roads and the kids could sleep as long as they wanted.  We were lucky that school was cancelled so they didn't have to miss a day so they could be at the hospital. 

We got to the hospital at 6am but it was 8am before we saw a single person.  At 8 the nurse came in to start all the monitors and by 8:30 we were being induced!!  I was still only 1cm Friday morning but things progressed really quickly and by 1:30 I was ready to push.  Not much pushing involved and at 1:43pm, our doctor's jaw dropped. :)

As the doctor pulled the baby out, she started apologizing "I'm so sorry!! I've been calling him a "she" the whole time!"  Our nurse gave her the strangest look and said "It's supposed to be a she...."  At that point the doctor proudly announces "Well...IT'S A BOY...and a BIG boy!"

At that point, I could not have cared less if I had birthed a baby pig!  I couldn't get past the BIG part. :)  I remember them repeatedly telling me that it was indeed a boy...over and over....  I finally told them "I don't care!!" :)  I do remember Michael walking over to the bed they laid him in and just staring at him for the longest time.  He was smiling the funniest smile.  He told them to make sure there wasn't a girl still in there.  :) Tanner didn't really cry other than the obligatory "I'm okay so don't whack my back again cry". 

I remember bits and pieces of the conversation between the nursery nurse, surgical tech, doctor, and our nurse (funny how I remember each one's job and their face).  They just couldn't get over it.  They kept repeating "This just DOESN'T happen anymore!"  It was pretty funny just watching them be so entertained by it.  The implications of what they were saying definitely had not hit me yet!

The nurses were so excited to see us tell our families that they wouldn't let Michael go get them.  They told him he would give away the secret and that mama needed to be there for the surprise! Very thoughtful! :)

So off they go to collect the kids first (and Stacy who was going to take pics for us).  We got some priceless video of us telling each person that "she" was in fact a "he".  Ella Kate was by far the biggest reaction - she looked so sad - but she was whispering to me "But Mom...we only have girl clothes!!"  It took her a little bit to get over the shock (and she wanted him to be all clean) before she would have anything to do with him.  She came back later that night and held him very proudly!  Jake took to him immediately which was precious. 

If you know Michael, you know that he is forever "joking" with you and telling "stories".  Well....not a single person that he called to tell believed him!  Every one of them had to hear it from someone else before they believed we had truly had a baby boy!  Sometimes they had to speak to several people!  It was truly unbelievable! :)

So that is how we found out that our Baby Reece was in fact Baby Tanner all along....

Quite the shock to mom and dad and quite the birthday surprise for mom. :)

Oh, and it seems that we have 2 winners to the guessing game...Jake and Holly picked the 14th (and Holly was in the right range for the weight!) but Mr Brad guessed the SEX!  :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Place Your Bets

Okay, lets hear it.....when do you think Reece will make her appearance?

My "official" due date is the 14th which also happens to be my birthday as well as my papa's 80th birthday.

My ultrasound due dates ranged from the 8th to the 11th.

Take your pick!! :)