Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

The kids and I spent the very last day of 2010 on our own. 

We sent Daddy off to the Chick Fil A bowl with Mr. Jamie to see Florida State play the Gamecocks.  They were in Atlanta and even though we were a little nervous to send him that far away (with me at 38 weeks!), it was too close to pass up!  He doesn't get the chance to see FSU play often. He came home happy with a FSU victory!

Jake was excited to watch Clemson play in the Meineke Bowl against South Florida, so we dropped him off at Mimi & Pop's to watch with them, KK, and Bobby.  That was much better than watching with mom!  They lost but he had a good time anyway. :)

Ella Kate and I took the opportunity to have our last mom & (only) daughter outing. :) 

We had our piggies done.  I let her pick the color for both of us and she wanted Florida State colors (with glitter on top for her). 

We rang in the new year with good friends, pizza, and fashion shows and even came home with a precious new hat for Baby Reece.

I'm pretty sure I know what 2011 holds for the Waddells, but I can't wait to get started!!