Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Things we learned at our anatomy ultrasound on August 31st:

-  Baby is measuring right near the due date of 1/14/78 - about 1 pound in weight.
-  My placenta is anterior meaning located between my belly button and baby.  This makes movement less noticeable due to the extra cushioning.
-  Baby is breech. I know, I know...plenty of time to move between now and January, BUT STILL....would be nice to not even go there.
-  Baby has an echogenic intracardiac focus.  This is a big name for a light spot seen on the ultrasound on the baby's heart.  This can be an indicator of certain birth defects, namely down syndrome.  Because of this, I was referred to a high-risk OB/GYN.  This was a little scary, but after reading more about this, I wasn't too concerned yet.  Combined with no other "markers," this basically means nothing.  It just prompts them to check several other indicators to make sure nothing else looks abnormal. 


Two weeks later on September 14th, we visited a high-risk OB/GYN.  This in itself was a little unnerving for me.  Despite being very sick, I've never had an issue with either of my pregnancies. 

The wait was more than long, but once called back, the tech was super nice and very eager to tell me everything she was looking at.  I told her that we did not want to know the sex, so I did have to close my eyes for portions of the scan.

She checked out tons of differnent things and took lots of measurements and commented the entire time that everything was looking very, very normal.  She even said that the EIF was very, very light and she wasn't very impressed by it.

Good news.....her due date showed me a solid January 8th!!  (I have insisted to my OB since Day 1 that my due date is closer to January 7th than January 14th.  My original ultrasound showed a range of dates from 8-14, thus my first date of 1/11/11.  My doctor later changed it to the 14th - not sure why - just informed me of that one day.  I didn't argue.  I figure the baby will come when he/she is ready!  ANYWAY, this ultrasound date made me more confident in my prediction.)

After talking with the doctor, his opinion was that everything was perfectly normal and the "spot" meant nothing.  He said with better ultrasounds, they pick up more than they used to, and that could be the case with these spots.  He said they see them very regularly and are 95% of the time, absolutely nothing.  He said there may not even be any follow up at my regular doctor and he didn't see the need to see me again at his office.  Yea!!  Glad I didn't get too worked up!

So, all is well, although initially your mind goes in a thousand directions when told you could have a baby with a serious birth defect.  It's a lot to digest.  Thank goodness we were given a good report and have not had to seriously consider the possibility.

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