Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I have been wanting to link up to this blog for a while, but never seem to remember in time.  My sweet friend Autumn participates each week and I love reading her answers.

I'm not sure anyone is really this interested in my thoughts, but just humor me...  :)

1. Growing up, what was one favorite item that you had to have with you at all times?

I don't remember being overly attached to a "lovey" or anything like that - kind of a boring start...I know. 

2. Being an adult, what is one favorite item that you have to have with you at all times, and what happens if you do not have it with you? Do you lose your sanity or just go back home to get it?

Sadly, my Blackberry.  If I leave it at home, I usually go back to retrieve it.  If I'm too far gone, I feel totally disconnected until we are reunited.  I am always worried that the one time I leave it, something will happen to my kids and I will be "unreachable".  I'm also pretty addicted to finding any needed information online when carrying it. 
3. Where is your favorite place to be to just hide away from everything and breathe for a moment?

My bed.  Hands down.  I've mastered the art of going to sleep to escape.  I usually wake back up soon thereafter, even if it is the middle of the night (thus this 4 am post).  Oh, did that say breathe for a moment?  Forget moments, I need good long breathers. :)
4. What is your favorite thing about your partner? (If you don’t have a partner, then someone who is very close and will always be in your life.)

Currently, it is how he has taken on practically all household/kid duties while I suffer from complete pregnancy exhaustion.  I haven't been grocery shopping since April.  No joke.  He hasn't even complained - which I would be sure to do if I were in his shoes.  I could list a ton of things otherwise, but this one overshadows them all right now. :)
5. What is your favorite thing about your job? (If you don’t have a job, then what is your favorite thing that you do during your day?)

Oh my, my job....seems to be a source of great stress lately, even though I do enjoy it.  I love that I work at a place I love - my church.  I love the people I work with and what I do, ultimately ( I am a Children's Ministry Assistant). 
6. What is your favorite lesson that your parents taught you growing up? Looking back, is it something that you want to use to teach your children when they reach that age?

Wow, I think my favorite lesson, or perhaps one that has stuck with me the most, is the importance of honesty and integrity.  I used to get so aggravated with my mom and dad (mostly my dad) because he was such a "rule follower" even in situations that seemed insignificant.  Now I find myself saying and doing things that sound so much like him!  Just because you can get away with things, doesn't make them "right"!  And I always respected that if he said it, it was true.  I never doubted his word.  That's something I would love for my children to be able to say about me.
7. What is your favorite song, that will always bring a smile to your face and make you think of something happy?

It's not my favorite song, but "Help Me Rhonda" always makes me smile.  Something about hearing a song with your name all in it...
8. What is your favorite thing about being an American? (If you are not American, what are you proud of in regards to your country?)

I think that freedom is the best thing about our country, but I know that I do not appreciate freedom like so many families that have lost loved ones in recent years, or that have given up family members for extended periods of time to serve our country.  I am very grateful, though, for those that have fought in the war to make our lives here what they are.

9. What is your favorite meal that reminds you of being a child?

HA!  Kraft Mac & Cheese and hot dog weiners - all with a little ketchup.  Classy, I know. 
10. Name 3 things that other people would say are their favorite thing about you.

Ugh, I do hate these questions.  It's like plucking eyebrows for me to say good things about myself...

I think I am usually a "doer" and get things done.  I love to organize anything and everything.
I'm always up for going out to eat with you....does that count... :)
Okay, let's just end this right here.  Nothing productive is going to come out of this last question!


Autumn said...

Hey! You linked to me! Thanks friend!!
I love the mac & cheese and weenie answer!! Very classy.
Hope you're feeling well!

Kelly said...

Answer to #1 Archibald! You said you didn't like that my ringtone for you is "Help Me Rhonda" I just learned hearing makes you smile so I will now make it your ringback tone :D which brings up the Blackberry thing, don't be ashamed I can't live w/o mine! And as a child I much prefered tomato soup with crackers at Miss Bobbie's to Mom's macaroni and weeines!