Wednesday, September 15, 2010

22 Weeks

Wow, so much has happened pregnancy-wise since 15 weeks.  Apparently right around 20 weeks is my turning point.  Thank goodness things started to get better.  I did add a daily reflux medicine that seemed to be the secret trick!

I have started to feel the baby move on a regular basis.  Although, I told the ultrasound tech that this one doesn't move nearly as much as the other two.  She said that could be because my placenta is "anterior" meaning located in the front of my belly between me and the baby.  This might absorb some of the action. 

I think she's right as we watched Baby Waddell punch me the entire length of the ultrasound and I didn't feel a thing! 

I had my ultrasound kind of late at 20 weeks.  If we had been waiting on a sex verdict, I might have been getting antsy!  Since we weren't, I was fine with waiting it out.

The Baby looked good - the profile seems to resemble Jake's if that is possible at this age.  He had the roundest nose and no chin when he was a baby - I distinctly remember that - and this profile seems to be a lot like that. 

We were able to watch the entire time with no danger of knowing the sex.  She told us that even if we had asked, it would have been hard to determine because Baby W was not cooperating at all.  Must be a boy. :)

The kids were not terribly impressed, as I had imagined.  Black and white fuzz isn't really their idea of "seeing" the baby.  Even after printing the pictures and showing Ella Kate, she had trouble identifying the parts.  She pointed to the stomach and thought it was the eye, and so forth.

All is well and we went to Babies R Us for the first time last night to see what we'll need to start buying.  Since literally the only thing I have left from my first two is a crib, we'll be making our selections wisely. :)
Some sweet friends have gifted me several things already and I found several more essentials at our consignment sale for some great deals!! All in all, we don't need too much more. 

Maybe next time I'll have a picture to add to the post.  Pregnancy pics aren't my cup of tea. :)


The Duerk Family said...

I am excited to read about you all!!!!

Kelly said...

Hope you know I show the ultrasound pic to EVERYONE! Including the kids in my class at school, they want to see it again everyday!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Just checking in with you all and so glad to see you are doing well. We have been to China and back and now at Egleston in Atlanta~ our baby had heart surgery yesterday and doing great! We are SO very blessed!!! God is so good!!!