Friday, June 11, 2010

Saddle Ridge Ranch's been a while....and I have truly missed blogging.  I love going back and reading old posts and it makes me sad to know that I've missed documenting so many moments of their little lives lately. 

So, on that note, I am going to attempt to get back on the wagon.  I've got a lot of reasons to these days!!  

This is going to be a practice post of sorts. :)

I got a little "put-out" with Blogger.  It never wanted to do what I asked with these darn pictures.  I decided today that I would post picture-less if I had to, but it seems there have been some changes and they are agreeing with me. :)  hehe

So, here goes....

VBS this year at AMRBC was Saddle Ridge Ranch.  I always think they won't be able to top the theme and songs from the year before, but they always do a great job.  The kids loved the cowboy get-ups they were able to wear each night!  I helped with check-in this year and was not able to help with Preschool Crafts like I normally do.  That was a little sad for me, so I think next year I'd like to go back to that - or at least something "hands-on" with the kids.  I missed them!!

All smiles for Parents' Night!

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