Saturday, July 24, 2010

15 weeks & Reubens

Today Ella Kate & I decided we would go shopping.  We very rarely do that, but when I asked her if she wanted to go, she told me how much she loooooved to shop.  Especially at the mall. :)

I had to break down and buy some maternity clothes and both of the kids could use some new school clothes.  We had a nice shopping date complete with her only request - a cookie from the mall.

I was 15 weeks on Friday.  Time seems to be moving right on by.  I believe that I felt the baby move this past week.  It was faint and quick but I'm pretty certain.  I also have been having a lot of
Braxton-Hicks contractions when I am really active.  I read that is common although it seems pretty darn early.  My labor is always, always completely back labor. 

When I went to the hospital in labor with Ella Kate, they put the belt on me and informed me that I was not having contractions.  Apparently, after re-checking me, their belts do not always pick up contractions when you have back labor.  They quickly changed their minds. :)

Anyway, the contractions are completely in my back and more like annoying period cramps than anything.

I've felt decent for about a week now - and by decent I do not mean "without vomiting".  As Michael says, at least I get up out of the bed now.  :)  I'm not sure if by this point I am feeling any better, or if I am just learning to "manage" the feeling.

Ella Kate has made the suggestion recently that I carry a towel in the car with me...."just in case Mom".  HA!

Either way, I'm getting out and about a little more and that in itself makes everything more bearable.

I have pretty much stopped taking Zofran.  For several weeks now I have felt like it made no difference if I took it or not.  So, to alleviate some very annoying side effects of it, I just ditched it altogether.  In my opinion, I don't mind the vomiting so much.  It actually gives me a little relief from the "I'm just about to lose my lunch" feeling.  That feeling alone for 24 hours can make you crazy!!  Plus, when there is zero in your stomach, vomiting is more about a muscle spasm than expelling anything.

OKAY.....I know....I told you that you didn't care to hear this.  You are the one still reading. :)

Soooo....tonight I got a hankering for a sandwich.  Not any ole' sandwich but a REUBEN!!! I was quickly reminded by my sister (Kelly) that I craved those when I was pregnant with Ella Kate as well.  Sure enough...Michael quickly confirmed it.....because he thinks they are DISGUSTING!! Haha! 

I tried, unsuccessfully, to get my mom to come over and make me one - and go by the store first and buy all the ingredients.  Hmmm...not sure why she wasn't big on that idea!! :)  So I trekked to Ingles and stocked up.  I enjoyed the BEST Reuben tonight straight from my kitchen.  Yum!!! 

We'll see how long this craving lasts.....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pregnancy: The Version You Never Wanted or Needed to Know

I think that title is appropriate. 

I'm pretty sure you will too come January.  :)

I don't have the easiest of pregnancies.....but then again, who does have an easy pregnancy.  Except those rare women who you see on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant"!  I think they are pretty darn lucky!!  In some senses....

I seem to have forgotten a lot of things about my first two pregnancies.  Little details that are coming back to me this time.  I want to remember these little things - no matter how crazy they seem!!  You'll just have to bear with me!