Wednesday, June 02, 2010

D5 Baseball 2010

Jake played baseball this year for the first time since he was 3!  I have been nudging him to try it again each year, but he was resistant.  This year he agreed, and I signed him up (and sold a kidney to pay for it!) only for him to decide he did not want to play.  Oh no buddy.....once you are paid for, there is no turning back!

So glad we made him play....he loved it!  He was hesitant at first, and had to actually learn the rules of the game and exactly how to swing, but he ended up doing a great job.  He was able to play on the team with his 2 best buds, Brycen & Braeden, so I'm sure that helped out.

Jake entertained us at several games by completly ignoring the advice of his coaches (STOP!) and continuing to run around the bases, as he was being chased by the opposing player holding the ball.  He would dodge them, and run completely out of the way, but he usually ended up making it to home safely.  It was like a clown act on the field!! By the end of the season, we had convinced him he had to listen to the coaches, so he stopped that for the most part.

When he was 3, he played T-Ball in Woodruff.  We enjoyed playing there, but this year it was extra-nice that every game was played at the Reidville ball field which is about a 2 minute drive from our house.  I LOVE being that close to things - it really helps with my time-management issues.  :)

They received an award at their last game.  I'm tempted to call it a necklace, but I'm sure they would quickly correct me on that.  :)  It actually looks kind of a like a dog-tag but is really cute. 
The Awards Party was at Pizza Inn.
Jake always asks to have his picture made with "the coach". :)  Makes me laugh....
Brycen, Jake & Braeden....little goofballs

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