Thursday, May 13, 2010

K4 Graduation....For Baby Girl

Wow, such an emotional time for me with Baby Girl.  The ending of this school year was difficult.  I was sad to see the end of the ELC days for Ella Kate and sad to see Jake move past Kindergarten.  It just seems to have flown by so quickly!!

Ella Kate loved this school year.  She had super teachers who we loved!!  I'm sure she'll do great in Kindergarten, but it is awful hard to imagine her there. 

Last Day at the ELC (and K4!)

Graduation Night!

When this girl gets on stage, she giggles the entire time!  She loves it!

Love these ladies...Ms. Leigh & Ms. Kelly! :)
EK does too!! :)
Sweet friends....

EK & Brynn (or Brynnie as EK would say!)
EK & Addie-Bug :)

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