Thursday, May 27, 2010

7 weeks

7 weeks….

7 weeks pregnant today.

Michael and I are expecting our 3rd child in January.

That is hard to believe and looks very strange in writing. :)

Where do I even begin……I’ll go back to how I/we found out….

On Saturday, Ella Kate had a soccer game that I coached.  It was unusually hot and muggy – pretty uncomfortable!  After the game, we sent Jake with Mimi to spend the day and Michael and I went home to change and head to North Carolina to furniture shop.  Just as we left the house, I got really, really nauseous.  I knew almost instantly…I had only been nauseous like this twice in my life.  I think it was because I was hungry and very hot.  Once I cooled off and ate, I felt fine.  Michael even asked once if I was pregnant.  I think even he recognized that green face!  I of course replied “no” not wanting to share my hunch just yet.  :)

The nausea wasn’t the only symptom…..i know you don’t want to hear this, but my breasts were very sore and tingly for about a week before this.  I remembered reading somewhere that when you are first pregnant, it is sometimes uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach because it hurts your breasts.  One night I woke up in the middle of the night, on my stomach, not feeling too comfortable.  Hmmm…..

I ignored every symptom because 2 weeks earlier I had, unbeknownst to Michael, taken 2 pregnancy tests.  Both were negative.  I did this like I had for several months prior and was pretty tired of seeing negative tests.  I decided that no matter what, I wouldn’t do another one.  I’d just wait it out until I felt a kick if necessary!  Yea, yea….

Anyway….on Sunday I decided I should buy a test.  Without telling Michael I bought a test and on Sunday night, May 16, I finally got that positive test!  I was pretty stunned and don’t think I really believed it.  I kept checking it because I thought I might be reading it wrong.  :)  I wanted to think of a creative way to tell Michael so I didn’t tell him quite yet.

On Tuesday I had to go to my Gynecologist for an unrelated visit.  While there, I casually mentioned that she may want to do a pregnancy test if that would affect what he did.  She agreed and went about her duties.  She told another nurse I was ready to go back but stopped herself and said “Uh, wait a minute…”  She peeped around the corner and mouthed, “It’s pos-I-tive!”  I didn’t give much of a reaction so she repeated herself.  Her face was too funny. 

The doctor talked a little to me about it and congratulated me.  THEN it felt real.  :)

He wanted to feel my uterus and guessed I was 6 weeks – wow, right on.  He told me to come back this week for my OB Intake and in 2 weeks for my first OB visit.  I was just taking all of this in.  I hadn’t heard these words in a loooong time.  5 years to be exact. 

I wasn’t even sure what all the rules were anymore.  Can I eat sushi?  Shrimp?  Tuna?  What about hot baths?  And only Tylenol???  That ain’t good!  And, oh boy, we haven’t even touched on my DP addiction yet!! :)  Thank goodness I’d slowly been trying out Sprite in the past few weeks.  It has been my saving grace!

Long story short, I just didn’t feel right keeping it from Michael any longer and my mind was too muddled to go out of my way with creativity right now.  That night after we put the kids to bed I kept trying to figure out what words you use.  Nothing seemed adequate.  He finally said “ What is wrong with you??”  He can always tell when I want to say something but can’t get it out. 

I just handed him the test.  He seriously thought I was kidding.  Why would I dig out an old pregnancy test (yes, I still have them from my other 2) and show it to him just for kicks?! :) 

I told him that I hadn’t told him everything that my doctor had told me that day.

It was too funny watching it sink in with him, knowing I had sat with the same dumb-founded look on my face just 2 days earlier.

He made silly jokes the rest of the night and I think it’s still sinking in for him.  I think we both will feel like it’s real when we see that ultrasound. 

Until then, its just a little surreal.  It’s hard to remember “not to do things” or “to do things.”  It’s even harder to be around our family or friends and not even mention it.  Tracy really doesn’t get why I keep refusing to do these 5K Runs with her…..I’m sure she’s chalking it up to laziness. ;) 

We have decided (mostly I decided) we should wait until we go to the doctor before we make it public.  We have always told the news very quickly (immediately) but this time is just different.  We have never tried to have a baby.  It has just happened before.  This time it didn’t “just happen” and required some patience.  I just need that little black and white picture before I actually believe it….. 

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