Sunday, December 20, 2009


We have been excited about my sister Kelly's college graduation for quite some time now. She has worked so hard to achieve this and we are all so very, very proud of her!!

We threw a "surprise" party for her the Saturday before and were glad to celebrate with so many people who love her!

Mr Jackie, mom, dad, and Aunt Kay

Mrs. Bobbie, Uncle Eddie, and KK

The Grandmothers

Papa Neal and 2 of his boys

KK opens her gifts!

April and Leslie - I hate I didn't get a picture of Mandy before she left!

Leslie Hines and her sweet family

The most practical gift of all....

KK presented a certificate to mom and dad for THEIR contribution to her success! :)

KK and April

My sweet siblings KK and Leslie

KK and Leslie H

KK, Papa, and Granny Neal


The Ceremony

Congratulations KK!! We Love You!!

Now get a JOB!!! :)


Stacy said...

I know you are a VERY proud sister!!!!

Kelly said...

Thank you so much! I just now had time to look at this, I should've told you I have a good pic of me and Mandy. I appreciate everything you did for me. I had lots of fun and you made my graduation extra special. Now could you help make the job hunt extra special? Thanx sis, I <3 U