Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Tidbits

We should probably mark this year on our calendars....because it may not happen again.

I have never before had my shopping this close to complete by Thanksgiving weekend. I tend to be a last minute shopper. It feels great!!

Michael has gone shopping with me almost every time this year and we both really enjoyed spending some extra time together without the kids. We called in every favor we could from our parents and siblings, but we got the job done!

On a side note, I broke down and told Jake that the store wasn't called "Toys R S" but actually called "Toys R Us". I kind of liked hearing his own version of it, but I guess he's old enough to know the truth now.

We bought the kids small trees for their rooms this year. They love them! Ella Kate's is white with pink lights and Jake's is a regular tree with colored lights. They used the ornaments they have collected throughout their short, little lives to decorate them. I'm not liking that very much....I miss them too much on my tree!! I think I'll have to let them pick out some new ones for their trees and steal mine back!

They have been excited to watch "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" several times this year already. It's quickly become their favorite Christmas movie. Last year it scared them to death the first few times they saw it!

I always want them to watch the Charlie Brown holiday specials but they don't like to watch them. They watched one once and heard the "s word" so they call them the "bad movies" now.

The kids have both made their Christmas lists and they have pretty much stayed the same for several weeks now (which is GREAT!). I told them that once you ask Santa, you can't change your mind!

Jake's number one request is a "real" four wheeler. His number two request is "real" drums. Go big or go home - right? He didn't ask for much else. His only low-budget item was another MP3 Player because his from last Christmas broke.

He is becoming increasingly hard to shop for. He doesn't play with many typical toys. Last year, other than drums (we tried (unsuccessfully) to satisfy him with the electronic kind), his number one request was a kick-off tee for his football. Now that might break the bank!

Ella Kate on the other hand....her list is long and detailed. :) Most of it is thankfully pretty inexpensive. And she is pretty much happy with anything you give her - unlike Jake who is pretty particular (like his mother). :) Ella Kate's list consists of a "hair fixing place" (salon), Hannah Montana lipstick, a moving kitty, and a "cooker thing" (Easy Bake Oven).

I'll leave you with a few goodies from Christmases past....

Our First Christmas together

Jake's First Christmas

Ella Kate's First Christmas


Stacy said...

I still have a few things to buy!

I am so glad you are blogging again:)

The pictures are just in precious!

Jake gonna break the bank with his;)

Jennifer said...

I share your pain w/ Jake being hard to buy for Tyler is the same way. He doesn't play w/ to many toys.. he likes his movies, wii, ds stuff and anything sports... his big thing this year is a DSI since he is using a handme down broken one... Glad you are enjoying the season...

Sophie Morand said...

Yeah, I am so glad you are blogging again. I missed you!! And yeah for your Christmas shopping!!

MD said...

Oh Rhonda!!!!!! They grow up too fast don't they?

Kelly said...

We have that same collection of pictures on our fridge. Guess if I want my pic on the fridge me & Alley will have to send out Christmas cards,haha,try to get her to pose for a picture lol