Monday, October 26, 2009

Electronics Meltdown

6 months at the Waddell home =
  • 1 Broken Camcorder that was not possible to repair so we had to buy a new one. It was 5 years old, so not too terrible.
  • 1 Broken Digital Camera (SLR!) that we had to repair. It was too expensive to buy a new one and it was only out of warranty by a few months!
  • 1 Broken TV that literally cost as much to repair as a new one would. It was only 1 month out of warranty (ouch!) and was only 4 years old (double ouch!).
  • 1 Broken Computer that was thankfully still under warranty because it was only 4 months old! And 2 months later, I am shipping it back for the 3rd, yes 3rd, time. It is still not fixed. Thus, Acer's rating of "F" with the BBB!!
  • And last but not least, 1 Broken van courtesy of precious here around the time this photo was taken ...


He decided he would "feed" the cd player some "monies". We thought the issue was all taken care of until we found out this week that the devil living in our van alarm (that reared his ugly head about 12 times a day - and night) might have all stemmed from this little incident. Our van radio was going bad causing the panic alarm to sound. Great. Now I am without radio in the van for 3 weeks while they rebuild it. Thank the Good Lord for Vic Bailey Honda who finally found the issue and relieved all my coworkers and neighbors from their agony! :)

Should I even ASK what could break now?

I think that about does it for electronics we move on to large appliances now or is there something else in my house more costly to replace?

And FYI, the blogging sabbatical will be over when I have fully functioning equipment again. May be never at this rate......