Friday, August 28, 2009

Finding Her Style

Ella Kate has been a tad bit obsessed with clothes lately.

She has really started noticing what people are wearing and deciding what things she likes and what she doesn't.

She asks to change her outfit at least 5 times a day - on a good day.

She always has an opinion on what she wants to wear for the day - some mornings she hates dresses and some mornings she hates shorts. Depends on the weather!!

But she never disappoints in the entertainment aspect when she dresses herself....

And ESPECIALLY when she does her own hair!!


Stacy said...

She is starting her own!

Love the hair-do!

Sophie Morand said...

Ella Kate can wear what ever she wants, she will always look great! She is so adorable!!

Kelly said...

That's my girl! You have to remember the old pictures of me and you when we dressed ourselves? You always had to wear those um...lovely patent leather red shoes. She has much better taste than you LOL