Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kitty Update

This update is for Sophie (and long overdue!!). :)

A few months back, we got Jake and Ella Kate both a kitten.

A few short weeks later, Dot (EK's cat) disappeared. She was a wonderful kitty so we suspect someone else found out just how wonderful she was! ;) That's the downside of outdoor pets in a subdivision I guess. It's awful hard to keep them at home! Ella Kate didn't get too upset over it so we just considered ourselves lucky to still have one kitten left.

Jake's kitty, Harry, seems to be here for the long haul. He is the BEST cat (they both were!). We were very worried about Harry for a couple of weeks after Dot left because all he did was sit on the front stoop and cry. It was so sad!

But soon the neighbor across the street got a kitten and they became the best of friends! If we don't see Harry in the yard, he is always across the street "visiting" his buddy. Likewise, his friend spends a lot of time visiting us!

Here are the last pictures we have of Dot!

We love this nutty kitty!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Finding Her Style

Ella Kate has been a tad bit obsessed with clothes lately.

She has really started noticing what people are wearing and deciding what things she likes and what she doesn't.

She asks to change her outfit at least 5 times a day - on a good day.

She always has an opinion on what she wants to wear for the day - some mornings she hates dresses and some mornings she hates shorts. Depends on the weather!!

But she never disappoints in the entertainment aspect when she dresses herself....

And ESPECIALLY when she does her own hair!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For All You "Mushies" Out There

I'm not real sure how to put the video straight on the blog, so here is a won't regret watching it. It is so fitting with my last post. All you daddies better get your tissues ready (cause I know lots of Daddies read my blog!!). ;)

And So It Begins....

Or in mama's eyes "And so it ends...." or at least that's how I've been feeling. Starting Kindergarten in "real" school really feels like the end of "childhood" to me. I can't help but think that this is the beginning of the one constant that will take us to adulthood.

Yea, I know, my cup is half full. :)

Leave me alone.

I'll fill it back up soon enough.

For now I'm content to be a little down that my "baby" is no longer a baby.

I need to wallow the appropriate amount of time in this "moment in time". :)

Am I the only one that feels/felt this way or just the only one crazy enough to admit it? At least I know Tracy was crying into the pb&j's too!! ;)

August 17, 2009
1st Day of Kindergarten
Jake was excited about his first day and a little nervous at the same time. He did not know anyone in his class, nor did I know a soul at the school (farther than knowing their name!).

I never realized just how difficult it would be to send my child into a place where I knew no one. It is hard. Especially on control-freak moms. I guess that's why we are the first to volunteer at us a little sense of control over the situation...along with a little insight into how things work there!

Jake was very quiet walking in....daddy took the day off to be able to walk him in and then take care of mom for the rest of the day (aka occupy her time until school was out). He walked right into class very willingly and that was that. I made it to the car and did not have any tears until I actually had to drive away and leave him there. Leave??? Without him??? Oh, the anguish!!! And to think I'd been praying for this day to come for so long (free all day childcare and all!). Oh, how my mind was so easily changed.....

He didn't say much about his day and for a mom that needs every detail...this was very hard!

He said he was not the tallest kid nor the shortest. He said he liked his teachers and that he wanted to eat school lunch the next day. He also "needed" money to buy ice cream. That was about all he shared with us that day.

This little one's first day was not nearly as traumatic for me. She has the same teacher Jake had last year, at the same preschool, with mom right down the hall. Nothing scary there. :)

August 25, 2009
1st Day of 4 Year Old Kindergarten
Ella Kate was fine with class because she knew most of the children there and she also knew her teacher. We're hoping for a good year this year just like the last!!

Ella Kate & Addie

With her teacher, Ms. Leigh
I remember taking this same exact picture last year on Jake's first day of 4K, but she just seems so much younger!!! (she is in fact 9 months younger than he was but STILL!!!)

I already have stories about Jake's first week of school to share, but I'll wait until a later post to get into all that. ;) You know it has to be eventful if Jake's involved!!