Monday, July 06, 2009

Adding to the Family

Made you do a double take on that one didn't I!?

A couple of weeks ago, Michael was cutting grass when he came upon....a SNAKE!!!! He also found a turtle but they aren't nearly as scary to me!

Snakes are on the top of my "DON'T" list so I decided it was time to take the plunge and let the kids have their first pets. Eventually they will grow up to be the perfect snake/rat/mice hunters!

I facebooked about my mission and had so many good friends to offer their kitties or their friends' kitties....we took the first 2 that we found!!


"Dot" Waddell (as in Polka-Dot)
and "Harry" Waddell (as in mom's name)
I decided that 2 kittens was the best way to go since it would allow the kids to claim one as their own and the kitties would also have a buddy to play with. Jake chose a boy and EK chose a girl. I'm going to have the boy fixed right away but I may let the girl have a litter first. I'm thinking it would be a wonderful introduction to sex ed. ;)

They will have to be outdoor kitties because Jake's allergy is too bad to keep them indoors. That's just as well with me....I'd kind of like to keep my leather couch in one piece as opposed to in shreds and it's probably much easier to fight the varmints out there too!
They really are some of the best kitties I've seen...they are SOOO "kid-friendly"! They put up with lots of totin', and lovin', and pettin' and very rarely strike with their claws! I just hope they stick around for a while and learn quickly that the road isn't a nice place to play!


Diana Sheriff said...

Awww...they are too cute! I know the kids will love having a pet...and it will be nice to keep them OUTDOORS!

Kim said...

too cute!! they are simply adorable! They'll make great snake hunters :) They'll bring them to your doorstep, dead, as a gift to say "I love you" hehehe Jacob still has his father's neutering bander tool... for free neuter if you want ;-) I'm trying to catch one more neighborhood stray before we return it in 2 weeks :)

Stacy said...

Well I didn't know you had new additions to the family! They are very cute:)

Erin said...

Aww, they are adorable! I love kitties! We added to our family too! We got a puppy last week...a blonde golden retriever. He will be an outside pet too! I'm not sure who loves him more, me...or the kids!

Tracy said...

I can help with the snakes once the cat kills them!

Tonya * said...

Congrats on the new additions to the family! We are adding a different kind of addition to ours in 26 wks. Cant wait for he/she to arrive. Kittens are cute!

Kelly said...

If you really want "Dot" to have kittens you might want to rethink getting "Harry" fixed or ya know, um how do I say this nicely oh whatever whow are you planning on knocking her up? The neighbor's cat?