Saturday, July 18, 2009

6th Birthday Party!

We returned to Kids Planet for Jake's 6th birthday, at his request. He loves this playground! It is nice to have a July birthday in that you can pretty much do any kind of party you want, indoors or out, wet or dry! It isn't so nice because lots of people are not able to come because of vacations, and the kids in his class don't always come since it is summertime.

During the school year, Ms. Leigh let each child with a summertime birthday pick one day during the year to celebrate. They were able to act just like it was their birthday and not miss out on cards from their classmates, cupcakes, or anything! That really meant a lot to Jake!

On the Friday before his birthday, we invited some of his close friends to the park for pizza and cake. We didn't realize when we planned it, that it was this little lady's first birthday that day! We were so honored to spend it with her (she had a party at home earlier in the day with her friends and family!). Happy 1st Birthday Lilian Brooke!!

(Congratulations Uncle Dave & Frankie on your engagement!!)

There are "misters" in the playground meant to let the kids cool off with a tiny bit of water. Jake figured out how to get totally soaked from them!

I let Jake choose his cake this year...can you tell? :)

I {heart} this face!! :)
You would think it was his first birthday all over again...

Several gifts were put to use before we left the park. The "whoopie cushion" from Uncle Dave, Frankie, and Caleb was one of them....
It produced lots of laughs!
The marshmallow gun from the Mattas' also got a lot of use in the park....the boys (and girls) fell in love with it! :)
The birds liked it a lot left a lot of snacks for them!
Daddy loads up the leftover!! We'll have lunch all week!

Glowsticks for everyone!!
I forgot to take a group picture until we were about to leave and a lot of his friends were already gone. Thank you to everyone who helped Jake celebrate his big day!!


Stacy said...

We had a great time! Thanks for letting us be apart of Jake's big day! You got some great pictures too;)

Laurel said...

Ty had a blast at Jake's party, as he always does with Jake!

Thanks for the b'day wishes for Lily!

Summer said...

Love the pics!! Thanks for having us - the girls had a great time!!!

Tracy said...

Wahhhh! So sad that we missed it! I can not let the boys see this post! Brycen will fall in the floor crying!
Looks like you all had a blast!
Happy Birthday to Jake!

Sophie Morand said...

Beautiful pictures. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Leigh said...

That Ms. Leigh sure is something, eh?!? JUST KIDDING, OF COURSE!! :)

I love the picture of Jake laughing with his head back...that just makes my little heart smile!

Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Kelly said...

Kudos to Miss Leigh! Having a June birthday myself I understand, but none of my teachers were smart enough to think of her idea!

Holly Jean Owens said...

Looks like Jake had an awesome birthday. Arianna loves that park also, she did her party there when she turned 5. I didn't know they where so close in age. Arianna turned 6 on Aug 8th, but we where at the beach and didn't get to have a big party here. Happy Birthday Jake. July is a great month for a birthday!