Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shipwreck Cove

A group from our church visited the brand new waterpark in Duncan today, Shipwreck Cove. It just opened last weekend, so we thought for our June social we would give it a try. It is brand new, so there are bound to be some kinks that they need to work out, but overall, it was fun and not too expensive for a Saturday treat (with a group discount of course!!).

All the whities had to get lathered up before the day began (including us)! ;)

Brandon even made it back from his mission trip to West Virginia to join us...what a nice surprise!!

About 15 minutes after we arrived, Ella Kate decided she was tired. I thought she would sit for a little bit and get up a play again. Nope. She slept for at least an hour and a half!

All of the kids were big enough to use the slides except Ella Kate (who wasn't even interested in using them), Addie, and Hunter. You had to be 42" and Ella Kate is only about 39".

Brynn didn't try it for a looong time but finally got her courage up!!

It took Jake a long time to get the courage up too. In fact, we waited in the long line 2 times without riding and on the 3rd wait, I refused to let him get out of line and pushed him down crying. I know that sounds bad, but I could tell he was dying to do it and would absolutely love it if he tried!! I was right!! He is holding his shirt here because if you took your swim shirt off, you went faster...see, that nervousness didn't last long!

Zoe had no nervousness about the slides, but she did keep telling the lifeguard at the top that she could swim, so they were never prepared to catch her at the bottom. She had to flounder around in the water several times before they came to her rescue!! :)
Addie and those juice boxes...I think she went straight from the bottle to a juice box. ;)

Watch me jump mom!!
Muscle man....
Sleepy again....Ms. Summer has the best sleeping lap!

The lazy river was nice...even the smallest of kids could float around it.

Just a few words of advice if you decide to try out Shipwreck Cove:

1. Get there early. We went at 10 and the crowd wasn't too bad. By the time we left around 2:30, it was getting hard to move around. They do have new hours from 6:30-10pm (I think) where the rates are reduced and it may not be as crowded then either.

2. Bring a lunch and go out of the waterpark and into the playground right beside it and eat a nice, free lunch from home. They will stamp your hand so you can come back in (providing it doesn't reach capacity BUT....they will tell you if it is near capacity and today it was crowded but nowhere near!). It makes the day much more affordable and gives you a nice break in the shade. There is also a drink machine in the park that has much cheaper drinks in it than the concession stand.

3. Speaking of shade, there is a limited amount there. There are 3 of tents set up on the grass but they are the first things taken. There are several umbrellas scattered around but don't they are few and far between. We did see a group come in with their own tent and they set it up on the grass. We asked, and you ARE allowed to do that. Great option if you have something you can bring!

4. If you do get the group rate, you can get a menu with reduced price kids' meals on it but please make sure you order them one hour before you need them no matter how many you order!!

5. Also, the website says that flotation devices are prohibited. This does not include arm floaties or bathing suits with floats in them. We wore those all day and it made our life much easier!

Just thought I'd pass those tips along as we learned some of those things the hard way!! :)


Tracy said...

Oh so jealous! THe boys wanted to know where they were! Glad you all had fun!
PS - It is isn't Summer lap that is what the babies want to snugle on! HEhe!

Summer Martin said...

We had so much fun. Thank you so much for organizing it for us!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to go... Thinking of doing Tyler b'day there this year. Thanks for all the pointers....

Stacy said...

We had a good time too:)

But really they do need MORE shade!

MD said...

That's where we're having sarah's birthday party saturday!!! She loves the playground and in her mind its hers LOL maybe we'll see ya there every once in awhile

Sophie Morand said...

Thanks for all the advice, will be helpful.