Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy 30th KK!

I almost forgot that Sunday was Father's Day since it was also my little sister's 30th birthday!

Although we are only 17 months apart, it felt like an eternity while I waited for her to join me in our 30's!!

We celebrated with a family lunch at Mimi's Cafe and again at Granny & Papa Neal's that evening.

Happy Birthday KK!! We Love You!


Stacy said...

Y'all look just a like! Hope KK had a great birthday! Love the bag:)

MD said...

we do love her!!! - and OMG she cut her hair off! and so did your daughter!!! They both look beautiful!

Kelly said...

Thanks for admitting you almost forgot my birthday! And Stacy we DO NOT look alike you're crazy. Yes I cut my hair off finally, 12 inches, one whole foot, it was time. Thanks so much for my wonderful Clemson bag, couldn't get much better. When I was little I hated sharing my birthday with Father's day, but this year was great <3