Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recital Day is Here!

Go back about 9 months to September when Ella Kate went to her first dance class. She loved it then but we weren't real sure if she would continue to enjoy it or if she would even participate in the recital. I guess we don't realize how much she has changed because, girl, she loved the stage!

She talked about her 'cital' for weeks and couldn't wait for the day! She called her school program her 'singing cital' and her dance program her 'dancing cital'. We were really lucky and her class' costume was pink and sparkly! Exactly what she would have picked!

Her friends Brynn & Ms. Summer Laney came to watch her - and they happened to save the day while they were there!! While waiting for everyone to arrive (Jake had a soccer game that morning so Michael took him while I headed to the recital), I decided it would be good to make sure the camera was ready and working properly. Why? Not sure...I've never checked it before. I think I was really bored...and God planted the idea in my head!!

Low and behold!!! It would NOT record!! We've had a little trouble out of it in the past (and I've even (wrongly) accused Michael of not knowing how to work it correctly!!oops!!) but just this week it decided to quit altogether. I was about to have a meltdown when Summer remembered that she had her video camera in the car from the day before. Thank the good Lord above that she ran to her car and retrieved it right in time!! God was looking out for mama as the camera had exactly 8 minutes left to record. I taped her 3 dances and as I clicked it off after the last one, it read "0 minutes" left!! Such a relief! :)

What is it with me and cameras lately?!? Oh, BTW, my camera was returned to me in record time but with a hefty price tag of $211!!! And for what you say....the kind technician noted that "it was dirty" and he cleaned it. Hmmm....
This is the our cousin, Lizzie. She was presented with a spirit award in honor of the little girl who was accidentally shot by her uncle/grandfather/not sure earlier this year. The little girl was in her class before she passed away. Yea Lizzie!!
They did 3 tap, one ballet, and I think the 3rd might have been some hip/hop? I'm not a dancer so I could be very wrong!! :)

This is my very favorite picture. It perfectly captures her attitude towards the stage these days. Bring it on and I'll strut my stuff!!!

At the end of the recital, Marie called each class on stage separately and let the daddies come down and bring them flowers. If I could just take Jake's head out of this picture, you'd see Michael giving Ella Kate a kiss. She was tickled to get her pink roses from daddy!! She was just as tickled to get a red rose from Uncle Dave!!

Nothing warms a mama's heart like a daddy loving his little girl!!

Thanks Mimi & Pop for coming to watch!! It was their very first dance recital!

Ella Kate's first roses!


Jo Ellen said...

Love it! (Emma would be jealous of the costume!) She looks beautiful.

Erin said...

You got great pictures! She looks adorable! I am glad she loved it! Morgan loves it too!

Stacy said...

Oh my she looks beautiful! I got a little teary eyed looking at the Zoe will be doing "real" dance next year!

Tracy said...

She is so cute! Seeing all that makes me a little glad I had boys!

Kelly said...

I wish I coulda been there:)