Saturday, May 02, 2009


That is the noise you make when your camera's flash refuses to pop open. You make it again when it continues to refuse and then gives you an error message. You make it once again, and much more loudly, when you have to mail it off to Canon to have it repaired.

AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! Is the noise you make when they email to let you know the total repair charges will be $211.20!!

I have always been the biggest Canon fan. I had a 35mm Canon for 8 years and had zero problems. I have my Canon Digital Rebel xTi for 18 months and it's already broken.

Talk about frustrating.

I included a nice little note with it begging for lightning speed. I mean, in the next 2 weeks I have K4 graduation, a birthday, 2 end of the year school programs, 1 end of the year church program, a very first dance recital, numerous soccer games..... The list goes on and on. It is NOT the time of year to be without your camera.

I also sent a letter expressing my strong opinion to Mr. Adachi, President & CEO. Who wants to bet he doesn't reply? ;) Made me feel better at least. I think I'll send another while I wait to get my camera back.

Oh need to dwell on it.

I'll just have very boring posts until it returns.

What's been happening at the Waddell household?

Ella Kate went for her 4 year old check up last week. I really wish I had a picture of the poor child with 4 bandaids on her legs and one on her finger. She milked it well too. She grew several inches but didn't gain a single pound this year. Imagine that...if I ate bread and sugar for a year straight I think I'd probably gain a few! Overall, she appears healthy but we still have the pooping/eating/pottying issue that is just one big vicious cycle. I don't think the doctors get just how limited this child's "approved foods" list is. If you've never had a picky eater, you just don't know how difficult it is. You can preach all day long about offering it over and over and eventually they'll bite, yada, yada, yada. I'm sorry, but not so. We did the same things with Jake as Ella Kate and he eats everything in sight. It really does depend on your child. I don't know...sometimes I just have to not think about the whole issue. It really exhausts me.

Jake is having terrible allergy issues. He is really a sad site. His little eyes ooze yellow all day and night. I took him to his allergist Friday and he verified that it definitely not infected, just nasty allergies. The baby is on zyrtec, singulair, AND claritin. Mercy. Seems that would control it! They did give him a steroid to calm it down and it seems to be helping a lot. He even broke out while playing soccer today and he hasn't reacted to the grass in a long time.

On a happier note... :) I can't WAIT until the Women of Joy conference in 2 weeks!! I'm going with all my girlfriends and it is going to be GREAT!! We don't get very much girl-time so an entire weekend spending time listening to all the great speakers and bands, eating, shopping, eating, staying up all night (YES Tracy!!)....doesn't get much better!

I'll keep you posted on my camera saga. Hopefully this week it will appear due to some very gracious repairmen!

Oh yeah, and Hooters has kids eat free on Sundays. Rush on over there after church tomorrow for Sunday lunch. ;)


Tracy said...

WUT!? There will be a strict lights out policy at 11pm. I think that is fair....

Summer Laney said...

I can't wait for the WR!!! NO kids, no husband, in Charleston, with all my friends...just doesn't get any better!!!

I think Tracy will have to sleep in the bathroom...11 might be pushing it;)

Tracy said...

The BATHROOM! YUCK! WE will arm wrestle for the set bedtime!

Shay Ankerich said...

So sorry about your camera!!! I was wondering about the conference... when and where??? Who's going to be there???

Diana Sheriff said...

My sister had some problems with her canon rebel as well...I wonder if it is just that specific one? Hope its fixed soon! Also, I'm feeling you on the picky eating child...I have one as well!

Mommy to the Rogers boys said...

Time to become a "Nikon Girl"!

Stacy said...

Hope the camera comes back in one piece. I can't wait for the WOJ weekend to get here either:) Um I might be ready for bed at 11:00 too;)

We were going to Hooters on Sunday but I saw you go in with a huge group and didn't want to kidding:)

Summer Martin said...

I can't wait for Charleston!! I am so glad that I am driving:) I hope your camera gets back soon, so you will stop camera mooching:)

11pm are you serious Tracy!!!