Sunday, May 03, 2009

For the Record...

Steroids turn my 5 year old into a lunatic.

No jokes.

The nice lady who caught him jumping off tables at church agrees with me.

I apologize in advance to his teachers.

They do not deserve the torture I am sending their way tomorrow.

But I absolutely deserve the 3 hour break I will receive.

I absolutely cannot take this for 10 days. I think we will taper off soon. Oozy eyes or not.

They should put a warning right on the large print. Like I have time to read the fine print on the insert folded 3 times tucked safely inside the bag.

Good thing there's Google. I might never know a thing!

Pray we make it through the night with our sanity in tack.

Pray we don't run out of food tonight...he's eaten everything in our house. Apparently that is a side effect as well.

Any others I need to know about? Maybe I should dig that insert out of the trash after all. If only it wasn't underneath a poopy diaper and a booger ridden tissue......


Jo Ellen said...

Excessive hair growth. Weight gain--> huge moon face. I think that covers it.

BTW, that's long-term use! ;-)

Laurel said...

I understand! When Micah came home from the hospital after having a shot of steroids and then getting them through an IV for 2 days, he was off the wall. One of the first signs that we were going to have our hands full for a couple of days was when he climbed up into Ty's top bunk and said, "Catch me mom. I'm gonna jump." I really thought he might!

Tracy said...

Sounds like loads of fun at your house! Hang in there!

Barbara Hoffman said...

It really does mess you up a bit... I was on steriod shots for a while and I gained so much weight... and the steroids did not make my hives go away... so all it did make go away was the food in our house...LOL

Autumn said...

Hope that Jake is feeling better! We also take the allergy "trinity" of Claritin, Zyrtec, and Singulair! (The Singulair has made the biggest difference, BTW... he's on it all year long.) The steriods? Just stock up in the groceries!! If Elijah just has a puff of his inhaler, he EATS like an addict!!

Leigh said...

For the record...

you are absolutely right.

About everything in your post.

Your son's sweet, loving teacher who loves him more than life but can't wait for him to taper off.