Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4K Graduation

This year, we decided to let Jake repeat 4 Year Old Kindergarten because of his very late birthday. We felt he was not socially and emotionally ready for 5K. We are SO glad that we did! He has been a different child this year (in our eyes!). He has loved his class and his teacher!

Tonight he had his (2nd) 4K Graduation. This one was a little harder for me. Last year I knew that it wasn't really his 4K graduation, just a dress rehearsal! This time he's really going to Kindergarten!

They marched in playing their kazoos to "The Saints Go Marching In". Too cute!

After they sang, they went out to put on their caps and gowns. All of our boys had their own little fan club (of sisters and best girl friends) right as they left....chanting their names and all! This is Jake's reaction! :)
The graduates come in!
Ms. Leigh's Class on the front row

The 4 Year Old Graduates!


Stacy said...

Now they all are going to big kid school! The program was very cute:)

Autumn said...

Wow! So sweet! And, you will always be grateful for your decision to "hold off" on the big K! We did it, and it was the smartest thing we've ever done! Jake is so cute and very blessed!