Monday, April 20, 2009

Tag!! You're It!

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. when hot weather is here to stay!
2. Mondays at the pool
3. Charleston in May
4. finishing the Twilight books...I'm on #2!
5. summer break...from ALL activities!
6. getting a new cell phone
7. dinner :)
8. bedtime :)
8 things I did yesterday:
1. went to church
2. taught 4 year old SS with Michael
3. taught preschool choir with Stacy
4. started Twilight book #2
5. watched part of Miss USA with Ella Kate
6. mopped the kitchen floor
7. blogged
8. realized I had a super sunburn
8 things I wish I could do:
1. build a new house
2. learn to like exercising
3. cook...well
4. travel with Michael for as long as we wanted (and take a nanny)
5. sing ;)....well
6. get a housekeeper
7. read minds
8. not let people's allergies issues drive me crazy!! :)
8 shows that I watch:
1. 18 Kids and Counting
2. Good Morning America
Sheesh...who am I kidding?!? I hardly watch tv anymore. But I USED to watch:
3. Reba
4. Desperate Housewives
5. The Office
6. Greys Anatomy
7. Real Housewives of OC (not NYC!!)
8. Designed to Sell

Tag!! You're It!


Jennifer said...

You know I don't why I could not remember Reba, we only watch it and Still Standing EVERY night... I might have to go and edit I think I will.. You did see they have one of NJ, that one will be good I think... NYC is kinda of fake I want to yell at all of those women esp the Countness and Kelly.

Ginger Hines said...

I thought I was the only one who LOVED the OC housewives! So glad I'm not alone!