Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sweet Ella Belle

Today my baby girl turns 4.

My how time flies.

I remember finding out that Ella Kate was on the way. We were at the beach and I decided one day that I might be pregnant. Maybe we should stop by CVS. Which we did.

By george, it said yes!

We weren't really expecting it but were happy none-the-less.

Jake had only turned 1 year old the month before. He was still quite the handful.

We decided (really I decided and talked Michael into it) that we should not find out the sex of the baby. He thought it was a crazy idea. I think our parents did too! But I LOVED it!! We moved into a new house right before she was born so I didn't need to decorate a room and I was so busy with Jake (and vomiting) that I had little time to think about it.

I was so worried that during the ultrasound, the technician would accidentally specify he or she. She didn't! She was very careful not to let us see, despite several attempts!

Looking back, I probably wanted a girl so badly that I was scared to find out and be disappointed! I figured I would hold out all hope until the end!

I am a bit indecisive to start with, and not knowing the sex made it next to impossible to pick a name! We chose several boy and girl names that we liked but never made it past a 3 or 4 name list. Her middle name was easy - we chose Kate after my mom (our version of my mom's "Kay") - and we liked Caden for a boy. I finally decided we would have to wait until he/she was born. I envy those who have a name picked out the day after they find out they are expecting! Although I DO know for certain what our next baby would be named (boy OR girl) .... no need to worry mom, we don't plan to use it!

ANYWAY, long way from the original story! Time for Ella Kate's arrival...

I helped nature along a bit (you'll have to email me for the details on that one!) and around 1am on April 7, I told Michael that it was time to head to the hospital. He obviously thought I was delirious and would be sent back home because he didn't even bring a change of clothes! We called my mom to stay with sleeping Jake and were off.

After arriving, the nurses told me that 5 people had been in that night alone and were all sent home with false labor. I don't think they were very hopeful. After a quick check, I was allowed to stay! We called Granny Neal and told her that she'd better go relieve Mimi at our house quickly....baby "x" was on the way!

We made all the other phone calls to family (who were all appropriately skeptical about hurrying on over - based on 20 hours of labor with Jake!). They were glad they did come right away, because sweet baby girl wasn't taking her time.

At 9:00am, Dr Aaron Toler proudly declared us the parents of a baby girl.


Could you say that again?

I thought I misunderstood.
Nana was already gone to stock up on pink clothing! She had waited a long time since her only other granddaughter was born. I think she was the only other person that wanted a girl as badly as I did!

But then we all got quiet. Baby girl wasn't breathing. Not one bit. They smacked her a little and used all kinds of tools on her and tried a mask. She just wasn't interested. I think she was protesting in her stubborn kind of way. It took a while but they eventually were able to coerce her into breathing and there was an audible sigh of relief from every person in the room. My heart still aches when I remember those terrifying minutes.

She was perfect. Just what mama wanted to add to her family. But she really needed a name!!

We had it narrowed down to 2 names by the time she arrived but couldn't decide between the two. They were both nice. But Michael put a funky little twang on "Sara" every time he said it - it's still entertaining to hear him say that name. I just didn't know about hearing that every day for the rest of my life - as much as I liked the name. When our pastor came in and declared that he had recently heard the best name in the world...it must be a sign! We'd better go with Ella. We didn't make it official until the day we brought her home. Did you know you have to name them before you leave the hospital or there's an issue getting the birth certificate? If it weren't for that, she may still be waiting today!! She was known as the blond baby without a name!

On that note, if you've ever had a baby born with blond hair, they get LOTS of attention! There must not be very many because every nurse on the floor came by to comment on baby girl's hair.

Fast forward 4 years and our Ella Belle makes our life complete. She wakes every single morning with a huge grin on her face. This girl is grinning before she even opens an eye. I went in once in the middle of the night to check on her and at 2am she looked at me and started smiling.

She loves to give out kisses and hugs and would go to extremes not to hurt feelings. She's quick to tell mama that she loves her but always quickly adds "but I love daddy too!" or vice versa.

On the flip side, my baby girl has the attitude of all attitudes. She will sass the biggest man you've ever seen (we're talking strangers here) and not blink an eye. She'll call the copier repair man a "poopy-head" and prance on about her business. She can boss with the best of them (no idea where she got that!). Now I know that's not entirely funny and she does get in trouble when she's ugly, but this princess has no fear! She's going to make some man a sweet & sassy wife one day!

She brings us joy every day and keeps us guessing what her mood will be at any given moment! She loves all things frilly and pink and hates all things edible (except pizza, bread, yogurt, and icing!). She loves mothering her baby dolls and playing pretend. Her big brother is her favorite playmate and she acts lost when he's not around. She randomly declares her love for him! She can dance with the best of them and does it often! She loves to watch a good cartoon and would almost always choose indoors over out. I don't see a future as an athletic girl here! It just might be too much activity for her. After all, she hasn't quite learned how to walk long distances on her own yet. Her legs often "give out" after short treks from the van to the house. She knows that we won't travel to Disney until "I learn how to walk". She promises quite regularly that "when I grow up, tomorrow, I will learn to walk" ..... which brings us to the potty issue. She declares that she'll master that (#2 that is) when she grows up (no time soon in her mind). Mercy me, would her friends laugh if she showed up at the prom in a diaper?

Sweet little Ella. Anyone that knows her well knows she is one of a kind, unique.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! We Love You!!

I know this post has been long, but quite honestly, this is so much more for me than for you. Even in 4 short years, memories fade and those little details quickly escape my memory! I want to remember every little thing and can't wait to go back years from now and read them with her!


Ashley McWhorter said...

So cute. Didn't know her middle name was Belle. That is my Lily's middle name. Love it!!! And, if Cash was going to be a girl, it was going to be Ella. Crazy, huh?! :)

Barbara Hoffman said...

She has a great birthday... today is Abigail's 15th..Well the 6th, not sure if Ella's is the 6th or the 7th

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Ella!!!! I can't say I have ever saw a newborn with blonde hair either:) She is a sassy princess!!! I'M THIRSTY!!!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Ella Belle! I love your blonde hair and your attitude! I love watching you grow and see a very small part of what it would be like to have a girl!

Summer Martin said...

Happy Birthday Ella Belle!! Wow how time flies, it seems like only yesterday that you were in my class celebrating your 3rd birthday. Even though your mom doesn't always think so you are hilarious:) We will forever more say I'M HUNGRY!!!

Summer Laney said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA BELLE!! We love every single bit of you...sass and all :) Hope you have a great birthday!!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! You are so precious! I am glad you and Morgan have become friends! Have a great birthday!

snookmama said...

I have been calling Hannah "Hannah Belle" for about a year now. How funny!
I remember being soo pregnant when Ella was born and watching Mike hold her in SS. He just looked like the proudest, whooped man I have ever seen and it made me even more excited about having one of my own. She has always been a beautiful girl! I also remember sitting behind her in worship one morning and not getting a thing out of what DJ was saying just because she was so stinking cute, smiling at everyone behind her.
Happy birthday, Ella Kate!

Kelly said...

I can't believe my little Ella Belle is 4 years old, now I feel old! I know how you sped up the labor process, but it was better than waiting on Jake to be born. I love the pictures, I forgot how long it took her to get hair. She's so lucky she looks like me, her beautiful Aunt KK! (I should've let you name her Reece though, Sorry)

MD said...

WOW - I can't believe she's 4!!! where does the time go? Happy Birthday Ella Kate!!!!

Tonya * said...

Oh Rhonda, that was such a sweet story and I loved reading it. I am so happy for you and Michael and the beautiful family you guys have. I think it is awesome that you were able to hold off and be surprised on the birth day, I just dont think I can wait that long. And I am one of those people that have the names already picked out. Funny but Caden is on our list for a girl name. Well Ella is beautiful and thanks for sharing the story...God bless!!!!

Jo Ellen said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Misty said...

Oh, sweet Ella. You could write a book about her and she's only 4!
"It's my 'birday' and I know it!"
-Ella Kate 4-7-09

You need to keep a journal of things she says.
She keeps me laughing!

Sophie Morand said...

I love the post, it is beautiful, I could not stop reading. Ella Kate is a real princess, she is just adorable. Happy Birthday Ella!

Corrie said...

Happy Birthday Ella! Mine was yesterday! :)

Diana Sheriff said...

What a sweet story!! Happy Birthday to Ella Kate!