Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Special Day

Ella Kate had a great 4th birthday! She had cupcakes with her friends at school and her mimi came for her party and had lunch with us too! She came home and opened presents from mom, dad, and Jake and played with them all afternoon. After Jake's soccer practice, we treated her to "Pizza Place" (aka Pizza Inn) where she put away about 6 pieces of pizza!

There's that grin!
Birthday Girl before school!
Nothing better than cupcakes with friends!
At her request, blue for the boys and pink & purple for the girls.
Presents from her family!

Jake was sooo excited for her! He was not jealous in the least that it was her birthday and not his. I have rarely seen this side of him in the past, but lately, he has been such a caring little fellow! He asked if he could pick out a gift for her especially from him. Of course I said yes! He was tickled to give her a singing "Hannah Montana" card and was thrilled to find a movie that she watched a few weeks ago and fell in love with - "Shark Boy and Lava Girl". I had never heard of it but she LOVES it!! He also picked out a big princess ball to go with it. He was so proud of himself for his gift, but more importantly, that he kept the whole thing a secret. He made it a point to tell her that we went to Toys R Us but didn't find a thing (and he had this silly grin on his face the whole time). It just warms your heart to see your children loving on each other...especially when they've fought for a year straight it seems!! :)
She got lots and lots of rooms for her new dollhouse along with a "girl" booster seat from mom & dad. We promised her several weeks ago that if she learned to buckle herself in, we would get her a girl seat. She has always been bothered by the fact that her seat is tan, just like Jake's, so she considered it a boy one. She's very into whether things are meant for girls or boys, judging by whether or not they are pink of course!

After all the gifts, they relaxed for some "Shark Boy, Lava Girl" ... in 3D of course!

Fun day....now all that's left is the party!!


Stacy said...

Looks like she racked up today! We can't wait to party:) Hopefully the weather is warming up!

Summer Martin said...

Glad Ella had a great birthday. Can't wait to give her our present!! Hopefully being a big girl last forever now:)

Summer Laney said...

Sounds like Ella had a great birthday :)

Jennifer said...

You have some sweet babies.... Happy 4th Bday Ella...

MD said...

Looks like a great birthday! The sweetest thing is to have a big brother who loves her so much too!

Ginger Hines said...

Happy Birthday Ella!