Thursday, April 23, 2009

North Pole

Can you tell what they're doing? They're driving to the North Pole, of course. My kids are some of the most imaginative ones I've ever seen. Of course, they're the only ones I've seen this much of. :) They could all do this for all I know!!

They rarely play with toys the way they're meant to. They mostly make up elaborate scenerios and act them out. It's pretty entertaining to watch! It makes me glad they're so close in age and have a built in playmate. Kind of makes up for that first year when I thought I might DIE...literally.

It reminds me so much of when my sister and I were little. We played "make-believe" every day (Little House on the Prairie was our favorite game!). We didn't have a room full of toys like kids these days do. I guess it just goes to show that it doesn't matter what kind of expensive, elaborate toys you have....your imagination is always more fun!

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snookmama said...

Glad my kids aren't the only ones. Mostly I get tall tales, like how Hannah's baby Chloe (she made up that name) almost got killed by an ant yesterday. He tried to "dead her in her head" but Hannah grabbed her up and took her to the hospital.