Thursday, April 02, 2009


Wednesday we went to NC with Tracy and the boys to visit Kidsenses. We had not been in several years so it was all new to the kids and they loved it! It is a great deal - only $5 and $3 after 3:00 - and it is full of fun ways for them to pretend and explore.

3 of a kind...

The firetruck complete with dress up clothes - perhaps the most favorite of the day!

Sliding down the pole

Ella Kate brushes the giant teeth

By far mom's favorite...the "Little" Dollar General

Mama's girl - happy at the cash register!

How cool is this?!

Hard to see it, but they're making a huge bubble around themselves

The "Pueblito Cafe" and they're all busy cooking

This place really is a dreamland - check out my legs!!

Jake makes his stage debut

Working hard in the art room

A really fun day, despite the car issues (yes, if you change your oil often enough you don't have those!!) and the directional difficulties. We made it there and made it home - that's all we needed!


jkstrib said...

That's one cool place. I love the pic of Ella Kate at the cash register!

Tracy said...

Thanks for letting us go with you! Fun memories were made and an education in car maintenance that Brycen will never forget!
oh...and "I'm HUNGRY! I'm SHIRSTY!" hehe!

Jennifer said...

That is cool, I will have to take Tyler there. I have never heard of it. I esp want one of those

Stacy said...

Looks like you guys are having a great week. Sorry you had some car trouble:( We can't stop thinking about y'all. Tracy's comment made me laugh.We were saying that some thing today.Miss ya!

Leigh said...

Is that not the best place EVER?? We had a ball when we went too.

I really tried hard to figure out a way to install one of those grocery stores in my classroom at the old building.

Didn't work out so much.

The legs are awesome!