Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greenville Zoo

Last week the kids' school had "Zoo Week" or so to speak. :) Each age group took a turn at the zoo. Ella Kate's class was scheduled to go to the Greenville Zoo on Wednesday and Jake's class was scheduled for Friday, same place. I had planned to take them each separately....I know, I'm way too accomodating for them, but I know that they each really thrive on one-on-one time and I knew they would enjoy being with their classes.


On Wednesday morning, on the way to drop Jake off and meet Summer, Jake decided that he would rather go that day and not on Friday with his class. I tried to reason with him and explain that when Friday came, he would be very disappointed. We ALL tried to reason with him.

Nope. He wasn't budging.

So off we went to the Greenville Zoo. Don't tell Zachary, but Jake and Brynn really had a good time together. I think I spotted some hand holding going on. Hil-ar-ious. Especially when you know that they fight more often than not.

I tell you, these 5 year olds crack me up. I do remember having a little boyfriend when I was 5 though - Mark Waddell - but you've heard that story before. :)

Look at all those precious are they!

We had never seen an elephant eating his breakfast before! We came in right as they all started moving about. We even got to hear the monkeys singing their morning song.

And by the way, Jake never once said he wanted to go to the zoo on Friday. Not even when all of his friends were gone from school. In fact, I think he decided he'd like to be the office helper every day from now on. He had a great time being the door-opener, hall-monitor, join each class for snack and playground helper. And don't forget those walkie-talkies....he kept us all informed of the happenings in the halls. It did save me from 2 zoo trips in 1 week and from taking 2 days off. I can't complain. :)

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Stacy said...

And you got to take some cute pictures with them together!