Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs!

Boy, did we have our share of eggs this year!! We dyed eggs and hunted for eggs all weekend long!! What fun it was! :)

Friday night (instead of partying!) we had mimi, pop, bobby & grandma Baker over for dinner and we dyed eggs with them. It was a group effort! :)

Mr. Cool dyes his eggs....I think he wants to be like Bobby!! :) That would actually be a great thing - I'm so glad he has such a good role model!
I could just eat this little fellow up! (on most days) Makes me think of Ms. Joy's sweet Ethan...shhh! Don't tell him we call him that!!
The finished products - I give them free reign on decorations - and bite my tongue!!

On Saturday morning, we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at church. Tracy was awesome and planned the whole thing this year!! Kim and the puppet team led a short devotion and we were off! The kids were all excited to find the empty eggs...you had to be there to know why!

And, YES LEIGH, it's my LANYARD!!! :) Don't ask!!!
Best of friends making memories!!


Stacy said...

That lanyard has been in a lot of pictures...lol!

Leigh said...

That lanyard needs a name. Like Lanyard Waddell. It seems to be in most of your pictures lately. Are you ever not 'on the job'?!?!?

And, Tracy is going to hug your neck for putting that picture of her on here.

Just wait.

I can see the hug coming from MILES away!

Fun times!

Tracy said...

After your 46 million pics I forgot to comment on the ONE bad one you put up there is of me! Ouch!

And Leigh, are you insinuating that is a bad pic of me? Double OUCH!

Let me just lay down so you both can kick me!