Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Skate Night

Tonight was Skate Night at church for AWANA. Although we don't go to AWANA, we did get in on the skating! Jake used "real" skates for the first time tonight. He liked the thought of them being the real thing. Ella Kate lucked up and got the pink Barbie kid skates - she was happy all night long! Notice a common theme throughout the pictures...Michael and I holding up falling children all night!! :)

Ella Kate and Briley Jane were buddies all night!
This is the "my daddy was a good daddy and took me to dancing tonight so that's why my hair looks so good and my clothes are great" look. ;)
Jake and Zach with little Emma in the background
Everybody hold your kids up for the hokey-pokey!

1 comment:

Leigh said...

OK, girl. I have to that last picture is that your work lanyard around your neck??? LOL! So funny!!

I bet you and Mike are going to be so sore tomorrow. Well, Mike probably won't be. I saw him lift a BOOKCASE over his head like it weighed two pounds at the consignment sale. HOLY MOLY! It made me hurt.

See you tomorrow!