Monday, March 02, 2009

Kindergarten Registration

On the Friday before Valentine's Day, Michael and I took our firstborn to register for kindergarten. Let me tell you, it was traumatic for me. And as my mom said perfectly...."for it to be such a big deal, they sure don't make it a big deal at all." I was waiting for the ceremony to begin. You know, mom's ceremony. Balloons, music, something - this is big.

But seriously, it was big for me but I know it happens every year. Babies go off to school and from then on out, it's just routine. It was hard for me to take them to preschool too. Not because I was parting with them, but because it sounded!

I'm over it now but I'm sure when August comes (and we can't take our annual beach trip in September when rates are so much cheaper and all the crazy kids aren't there), I'll be sitting in my car crying as he is sitting in class missing his mommy. I mean, enjoying himself thoroughly. :)


Stacy said...

So I guess you got everything worked out with the school?

It was nice when you could take a vacation in the off season!

Anonymous said...

Bless you as you get ready to let him go... what a wonderful year he has in store. And just so you know, it is ok to pull him out to go on a little get away- but don't tell his teacher I told you so :D.

Anonymous said...

Oh he is going to love it! ANd you'll be ok too! :)And I say keep that beach trip. We did this year even with Emma in her first year. Life's too short to have school dictate your schedule! We are actaully going again this year in September as well! :)

JESSICA said...

Don't worry Jake will be fine and you will be too! I thought it would be hard to let Jonathan go to 'big school' but he enjoys it so much and that helps me. It helps too if you have another one or two at home that still require lots of your time and attention.

MD said...

AWWWWW he's going to Reidville - how i wish Sarah would! I miss my elementary school. He'll have good times and dont worry eventually you will too! ;o) You realize i can say this because mine is still a few years away from this day right?