Monday, March 30, 2009

Going to Grandma's

It's Spring Break - yeah!!! We REALLY needed a break in this house! March has quite possibly been the busiest month of our family's life. :) It makes it a lot more hectic when mom is working and isn't at home to help things run smoothly there. This is the first time I've been really busy at work and it's kept me away from home but it's been lots of fun!

We started off Spring Break with a trip to grandma's house. My mom's mom lives in Westminster, SC. We don't get to see her nearly as often as we'd like, so the kids really think it's a treat to go to her house - and spending the night is a big event!

We went to church with grandma on Sunday night and the kids sat through the service like they do it all the time - even though I don't think I've ever kept them in a service with me! Ella Kate fell asleep after about 2 minutes so she couldn't help but be well behaved! Jake did very well and sat through his first Lord's Supper/5th Sunday night singing. He tried to sing with every single person that sang a solo....except he didn't know any of the words! Grandma tried to explain the purpose of the Lord's Supper before we went, but Jake was still upset that "everyone" got grape juice except him!

We spent lots of time playing at grandma's (inside and in the yard!).
Jake was very disturbed by the fact that the girl's room (grandma's) was blue and the room he was supposed to sleep in (and that the other boy grandchildren sleep in) was pink. It just didn't seem right to him. So....good grandma that she is, she made his bed up in blue sheets just to make him feel better! The kids loved having their own room and mom loved not having to sleep with feet in her sides while being pushed off the bed!
Today, we went to visit Papa Baker's grave. Jake was 10 months old when Papa passed away and the only memory he has of him is a picture taken of the 2 of them when Jake was a week old. Needless to say, they have always been confused about who "papa baker" is and where grandma's "daddy" is. I thought it would be very helpful to take them to visit Papa's grave. They totally understood that Papa is now in heaven with Jesus and have been talking about their Papa Baker ever since. I think it really helped them!

They were also thrilled to discover that JESUS was buried at the same place that Papa is!!!! ;)
This monument was in the middle of the graves so they thought that meant that Jesus was underneath it. We reminded them that Jesus rose from his grave and is alive in heaven waiting for us. Now they feel sure that before he rose, he was buried beside papa. :)
We had a great visit with grandma and the kids left her with lots of loving until we see her again!!


Stacy said...

I know you needed at break! Your grandma looks so sweet:)

Jo Ellen says you're cheating by leaving too many comments on one miss y'all too!

snookmama said...

Wow, your Papa must have been pretty special! :) That was so cute.

jkstrib said...

There's nothing like going home. My mama and daddy moved to Sptbg from our childhood home about 6 years ago. I still miss going to "our house" to go home. Your grandma is beautiful!