Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow!

Last spring, I asked our ELC Director if she wanted to hold a consignment sale to benefit the ELC. She hesitated a moment and said that she thought it was a great idea, but she just didn't have the time to organize one. I assured her that I meant I would do all the work so she happily agreed!

I recruited a friend and we started planning. No big deal.

The week to take in clothes came and we recruited another friend. Still manageable.

The sale came and went and we handed them a nice little check to add to their funds.

The 3 of us loved it enough to organize a Fall '08 Sale and we handed them a slightly larger check.

Wow - and here we are today.....Spring '09 and we're raising money for a new playground!

We have had the help of one more super awesome friend this sale, and we are so, so excited to open to the public tomorrow! Come out and see us:

Thursday, March 19 9-1 Free coffee and doughnuts! or 3-8

Friday, March 20 3-8

Saturday, March 21 8-12 Half Off Sale!

We'd love to see you there!

Mention you heard about it on my blog and I' very excited! :)


Stacy said...

Y'all have came a long way! Thanks for letting help this year:)

Tracy said...

Where's my shout out?

Jennifer said...

Y'all are AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you to y'all doing this and thank your wonderful husbands and children for giving y'all up for a couple of days.

Natalie Kellett said...

Wow... that's alot of stuff in the gym!!! Yall are doing such a great job!!

snookmama said...

Y'all are amazing. Great job. I got clothes, I sold clothes, it helped the church, I made money, and my closets are cleaner. Wow, that's efficiency!