Friday, February 20, 2009

The Circus Comes to Town

We skipped the circus last year. Two years ago when we went, the kids were just too little to enjoy it. Mama & Daddy didn't enjoy it either due to frequent trips to the bathroom (due to potty training) and an inability to keep their attention for longer than 5 minutes at a time - not good during a 2+ hour circus!

Pity parties aside, we decided it was time to do the circus again this year!!

We went on Thursday night with the Harrisons which turned out to be a perfect night to go. It was probably the least crowded night since it was not opening night and it was also a school night for most kids. We weren't sure if Tracy would be able to make it to the end....she doesn't play about bedtime! But she did and we had a great time watching our kids enjoy the sights!

We got there before they opened the doors so we could see the preshow - it was COLD outside in line!! The kids didn't seem to notice!

"Zing Zang Zoom" was the theme of the circus and they said it every time they did a magic trick. Jake would wave his hands with them and chant the "magic words"! He said the tricks were his very favorite part!
Here's the cute little pony drink Michael & Brad shared.....JUST KIDDING!!! :)
The kids, of course, begged for one of the many overpriced souvenirs they sold. We let all the kids choose one drink to spend our life savings on. Note to self: Next time, just ask for the cup minus the icee - we had to eat the entire thing before my kids would have anything to do with the cup. They HATED the icee. Strange, I know.

Here is the other "prize" we took home.
You probably can't tell what in the world this picture is, but if you were there, this act was sooo neat!! They did an upside-down skit from the ceiling. The props were all upside-down but so were the clowns!! It was very neat.

The looks of awe....

Ella Kate said that her very favorite part was the "stinky elephants". She said they made her want to hold her nose!! :)
We watched them at the preshow up close and they were pretty stinky!

The white spots are the confetti that flew everywhere at the end of the show!!

What fun to see your kids enjoy themselves so much!!

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Tracy said...

Too funny! We had so much fun that night! I love the pics! You rock!