Sunday, January 25, 2009

Waddell Weekend

We started the weekend with a trip to Woodruff (by Michael) to remember one of the greats, Coach Varner. If you're from Woodruff, and possibly if you're not, you know who he is. Long-time coach at the high school, setting many football records. I think anyone who had contact with him remembered him well.

I remember him as pretty much a scary dude - you never wanted your name called by Coach Varner to meet him at the side door of the office. Not a good sign. But I do remember once having to meet with him about a cheerleading issue and him being the kindest man. His tone was gentle when he was one on one with a very frightened young lady!!

My dad had a special relationship with Coach Varner. He spent many hours in his office getting acquainted with his large paddle. Yes, daddy, I told your secret.

Michael played football for Coach Varner and loved every minute of it. He talks about him frequently when discussing football and everything is compared to "If Coach Varner had been coach...." He really admired him.

He will be missed by many but I know his memory will long outlive him.

Friday night, Michael went to the Dorman basketball game and wrestling match while I helped make plans for our SPRING CONSIGNMENT SALE!!! (More details to's going to be great!!)

Saturday, Jake had his usual basketball game, this week with team pictures. Afterwards, we started the party-marathon it seemed!! Jake had one and Ella Kate had one, back to back. They both had a great time with their school buddies!!

Sunday, we had yet another party for Jake's classmate and the boys had a great time!!

After a very nice (and entertaining) dinner with friends (complete with losing our kids in the restaurant, some big ole' spills, and the usual all-out meltdowns over who sits where), I am ready to find my cozy, HOT blanket. I will get around to changing this horrid background and font color this week...promise. :)

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