Sunday, January 04, 2009

Looking Back at 2008

Last year, Looking Back at 2007, I had only been blogging for a few months. This year, I'm proud to say that I've blogged the entire year of 2008! What memories I'll have for us and the kids!

What has happened in the lives of the Waddells in 2008?

On January 14, I (involuntarily) took the plunge and entered into my 30s. Much to my surprise, I survived!! :)

At the end of January, our church, Anderson Mill Road, broke ground on a new sanctuary and education facility. We've watched the building progress all year long and are almost ready to move in!

In March, we held our very first children's consignment sale for the Early Learning Center! Myself, Summer, and Summer worked many long hours to make this little dream a reality!! We raised some money for the school and held our 2nd sale again in the fall! We already have spring and fall sales on the calendar for 2009!

In late March, Michael was finally able to build a new storage building in the backyard to put all his manly things - and put my womanly thing in the garage!

On April 7, Ella Kate turned 3! She celebrated with a princess party with her girlfriends and a family party later on.

Later in April, my friends and I got to meet Jon & Kate at a church event in Greer!! We had lots of fun hanging out ALL day long to be first in line!

Perhaps the single most entertaining event of the year was on the evening of Ryanne's 30th birthday party.... You'll have to read here to get all the gory details, but I'll just tell you that a year later, I can still vividly remember them. At least it's funny to look back at now!!

In May, our oldest (and only) niece, Erica, graduated from Woodruff High School. It brought back memories to attend her graduation ceremony.

Jake made his debut in soccer and really enjoyed it!! Ms Summer and daddy were his coaches and his buddies Zachary, Brycen, Braeden, and Will were on his team.

Michael turned 34 on Cinco de Mayo!

Jake graduated from Ms. Sophie's 4 year old class at Anderson Mill Road ELC!

This summer we spent time at the pool with friends every Monday, at Movies in the Park once a month, and at VBS in June! All fun times with great friends!!

On July 12th, Jake turned 5!! We celebrated at home with a HUGE waterslide and all his friends!

On July 24th, Nana turned 60! We surprised her with a party at "Smoke on the Water".

We struggled all year long with Ella Kate's eating habits but this month in particular, they came to a head. We saw a nutritionist, but every change we made, narrowed her "approved foods" list even more. We're still struggling daily with this challenge!

In August, we spent a long weekend in Charleston with my family.

We held our second consignment sale.

The kids started back to school. Ella Kate started 3K in Ms. Misty's class and has loved being in her class! Jake started 4K in Ms. Leigh's class and has also loved her! Wait, you say, didn't he just graduate from 4K? Since his birthday is in July, we made the decision to start him one year later in school. We hope to give him a bigger advantage than a disadvantage being that he is a boy and was so young compared to others in his grade, in so many aspects. We have been extremely pleased with our decision. We have seen him really come out of his shell this year at school! September....what a busy month!! We started the month with a trip to Ocean Lakes with Michael's mom and stepdad. This may be the last year we can go after Labor Day - it's really nice that time of year!

We stopped at Riverbanks Zoo for our annual trip on the way back.

Back in the swing of things, Jake started football for his 2nd year with Daddy & Uncle Brad as his coaches. Ella Kate had a brief stint with cheerleading, but not really enough to say she did it!

Ella Kate began her first year of dance at Ms. Marie's.
Bobby turned 17... on the same day that my blog turned 1!!!

We also had a major victory in Ella's life - her first poop in the potty. I know, we wouldn't talk about it either, but it's significant when you're 3 1/2 and it's the first time!! We still haven't mastered it at almost 4 years, but we're working on it!

In October, Jake had his first dermabond experience - proudly achieved by falling off the kitchen counter!

Halloween was great fun with celebrations all month long!! Jake was Iron Man and Ella Kate was a kitty! In November, we returned to Florida State to watch them beat the Tigers!!
We spent Thanksgiving in Newberry with Michael's mom's family for the first time.

And December was all about time spent with family and good friends, making memories to last all year!!
We're thankful for a healthy and happy 2008 spent together and look forward to the fun that 2009 brings!!


Natalie Kellett said...

Oh I love this blog. So good!!! I enjoyed reading about your year! I really cant wait for yalls consignment sale this year!!! Hope your doing good. xoxo

Erin said...

What a neat summary of your year! You did such a great job!

Jo Ellen said...

I am jealous about the Jon and Kate + 8 picture. We were told we couldn't take pictures when we went through the line. No fair!

April said...

Yes it was a great year and a great post! I really enjoy reading. Are you ready for Tuesday? I am not. Addie has been asking for a week to go back to school. :)

snookmama said...

I enjoyed your year-end summary! It's like one of those nice letters organized people send in the mail. On another note, how did I miss the story of Ryanne's bday party? Wow. We should start a puke catchers club. I actually have some similar stories we can laugh over sometime.

Summer Laney said...

I LOVED this post. I still have to get Christmas posting out of the wa before I can do New Year's...I guess I did all that catching up to fall behind AGAIN...

Stacy said...

This is a great post. I might have to steal that Jon and Kate picture for my blog :) That was such a good time!!

Jennifer said...

Love reading your yr in review... I remember the Jon & Kate and how y'all went at 12 that day so you could get good seats.. next time I am going to have to go w/ yall instead...

So that I can do a 2009 yr in review I am going to have to start taking notes of important stuff and pics and make a folder so I can remember all... lol

Sophie Morand said...

I loved that post and that last family picture is so beautiful.