Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Consignment Update

Thank goodness!!

Apparently, there is a clause in the law that states that individuals or those holding intermittent sales can still carry on. Great, super, fabulous for us!!! But....not so great for Goodwill, consignment stores, etc. That's going to hurt a lot of businesses!

Just thought I'd let you know what I'd heard since my last post!!


Jennifer said...

So, does that mean that Goodwill all of those places will not sell kids clothes anymore and all these consigment stores that are open will have to close???

Kim said...

Did you hear? The law was just changed. Now Goodwill & other consignment stores CAN stay in business. But people who make toys, clothes, etc - even the smallest businesses - have to prove to the gov that their stuff is lead free. Not sure if thats a one time proof or proof for every item. But yeah for the change :)

Anonymous said...

The iron came from Kmart:)