Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up

My goal this year was to blog our ENTIRE Christmas. Last year I didn't quite make it. This year I did it!!

Christmas Morning at Home
Santa was good to the kids this year despite Jake's admission that "Santa came even though I wasn't good!!" Nana tried to argue, "Yes you were good Jake!" But noooo.... "I wasn't good to my sister." At least he's aware of his evil little ways. :)

So what did he bring?
Mom and Dad must not have been good enough for stockings!
Christmas or not, we wake up slowly.

No pictures yet!

It fits mom!

She loves "Sleeping Booty"!!

Bakugan! I think I like it...but what is it?!

The only 2 things Jake asked for were a kick-off tee and a brown football with white lines. So easy to please!! And he plays with them every day!!

A BIG dollhouse!!

And Ella Kate's biggest Brynn's of course!

The Hannah Montana microphone was a big hit too!

And then what they've been waiting for....Santa calls!

Ella Kate runs to tell Jake (who is already outside kicking the football)


Christmas Night at Grandma Baker's

With my parents, brother, and sister

Jake & Petyon playing football

Wrestling with Robert

Ella Kate tackles Robert & Thomas

Ella Kate & Peyton - the girly girls in their pink
Grandma and her latest great grand, Micah Lee Baker

Robert & Heather

December 26th, Christmas with the Girls

We celebrated Christmas by treating ourselves to a Girl's Night Out at Copper River Grill. It was a nice way to spend the day after Christmas, normally kind of a depressing day when everything is over!!

Summer M, Stacy, Tracy

Rhonda, Summer L

Christmas at Papa & Nana Jane's

Last but not least, we gathered at Michael's dad's house for Christmas on December 27th. Papa made his famous chicken stew for lunch!! We enjoyed a long, lazy day at the Waddell's!


An MP3 player - Jake loves it!! He listens to "his" music all day long. He specifically told Pop that he didn't want any of that boring, adult music. :) And, yes, we had to call in a techie to put music on it - mom and dad don't have a clue about that stuff!

They each got a tray with their favorite cartoons on it. Reminds me of our school lunch trays - they love them!!

Papa got a Blu Ray from Santa!!! After Michael spent a while checking out all the wires on the tv, Nana Jane, Frankie, and I made a trip to Best Buy to find what we needed to make it work!

Ton got a beautiful green coat!

And I do not have a picture of my gift, but I've told everyone I's the BEST!!!
I got an ELECTRIC BLANKET!!!! I've never had one, but every winter I dream of owning one! Well, let me tell you, it's everything I ever dreamed it could be!
I know most of you want to be cold when you sleep - I hear you! But this girl loves to be warm! My bed is officially my favorite place to be! :)

Goodbye Christmas 2008.....time to move on to 2009!


Stacy said...

I would die if I had to sleep with an electric blanket but to each they're own!

I loved the girls night out it was so much fun!

Summer Martin said...

Girls night was great and we should do it more often. I would also die in an electric blanket, but Michael doesn't have to warm up your bed with the hair dryer anymore!! I am glad that you had a good Christmas:)

April said...

ok so I want to be invited to girls night out next year!!!!
what a great idea!