Tuesday, December 23, 2008

School Christmas Parties

Jake and Ella Kate each had Christmas parties at school last week, along with a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party and chapel service. I was able to go to each chapel service and party. I feel so blessed to be able to be at every special event the kids have. I love, love, love being there for them!!

Jake's Party with Ms. Leigh and Ms. Denise

Jake & Ms. Denise
Jake & Ms. Leigh I got an Indiana Jones airplane!

We made Ms. Leigh into a Christmas tree and decorated her with candy canes! Hey, it was her idea! :)

Jake & Will H

How cute is this...Rudolph relay race...Zoe is touching her red nose to Jake's cheek.

Run, Jake, Run

Everyone wearing their Rudolph noses...

Making reindeer food to leave outside on Christmas Eve!

Look at my Bible for chapel!
All the kids had little Bibles to take to chapel and read with Pastor DJ.

Ella Kate's Party with Ms. Misty & Ms. Jessica
Ms. Misty, Ella Kate, & Ms. Jessica

Mary Gray gave us reindeer antlers!

I got a present!

Ms. Misty & Ms. Jessica gave us books!!

Time to show mom what I've learned...

This is how you sign "Jesus"!

Time to eat - let's pray.

Pizza and cake....Ella Kate's favorites!
Ella Kate & Addie

Ella Kate & Briley Jane

Chapel and "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake with Pastor DJ & Pastor Brian
Reading our Bibles....that's Pastor DJ's son, Micah
Look at all those cute little people!

And finally, Santa comes to visit!!
Santa gives Ms. Stacey a special hug! ;)
This just goes to show how powerful peer pressure is...even in 3k! Ella Kate has never once sat on Santa's lap with mom & dad. But she hopped right up there like a pro when she saw all her classmates do it! She did turn really, really red - she got that from her mama!

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Tracy said...

ok- rub it in that you are always there and I'm not! Just kidding! I am glad that you are there for my kids too! It takes a village....
Merry Christmas!