Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jake's Christmas Program

I have already posted a video of Jake's duet in the Christmas program, but here are some more pictures from that night. He had such a crowd of people that came to hear him sing. We were all so proud of our little boy!! Afterwards, Jake asked me why everyone cried when he sang!! My dad says we're going to give him a complex. ;)

Jake with Granny & Papa, my grandparents

Boy I'm tired!

Brynn came to watch!!

Ms. Tracy and Braeden, the shepherd

Carry your candle...

Jake & Zoe singing their duet

The shepherds and sheep

Jake is on the back row in the middle of all the angels!

Lizzie Grace, an angel!

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Stacy said...

They all look so cute! Jake is so blessed to have such a big family that comes to his events!!!