Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas at Nana & Papa James'

Saturday we had Christmas at Michael's mom's house. Lots of fun, and she cooked a very good mexican chicken!! The kids were very excited - this was their first "Christmas" this year. We usually have several days of Christmas since we have so much family!

The grandbabies

Erica, Tonya, Lee

Ton needs her moment ;)

Lovin' on mom

Mom and her kiddos - even the furry one!
Nana & Papa James

Tonya and Dianne's gift to the boys!

Yea! Time for presents!

Even Sophie got a gift!

That's kind of scary!!

Don't give underwear as a gift in this house, unless you want to see them modeled!!


Tracy said...

uuhhhh. Did you skip Friday night?

Stacy C. said...

I love Ella's princess dress. Looks like Michael has a great family!

Jennifer said...

Oh my y'alls family are nuts.. to funny!!!!!!! I love the "modeling" and the pic they gave out... They seem like fun ladies..